The Challenge

The Prizes

Invent something novel with Bubble Wrap®
brand cushioning

Invent Think Outside The Bubble

A Trip to New York City

New York New York

Up to $10,000 in US Savings Bonds

Savings Bond US Savings Bonds

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Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day

Competition FAQ

  1. What size of Sealed Air's Bubble Wrap® cushioning may be used ?

You may use any size Bubble Wrap® cushioning, but we encourage you to use Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning because of its unique qualities.

  1. Does the invention have to consist of Bubble Wrap® cushioning alone?

 No, Bubble Wrap¨ cushioning may be used with another product or products, but Bubble Wrap¨ cushioning should be a major component of the invention.

  1. Is this Bubble Wrap® brand competition open only to science classes or Science projects?

 No, this competition is open to any discipline.  (See suggested categories in the “How to Enter” Section.)

  1. May we FAX photos?

 Yes, however, remember any FAXed photos may be unclear, at best, or of poor quality.

  1. May we use pencil on any portion of the Entry Form and its attachments?

 No, the forms and sketches are often difficult to read/see.

  1. May we use colored Bubble Wrap® cushioning?

 No, only clear Bubble Wrap® cushioning may be used.


Think outside the bubble, and let your imagination float free!

The Deadline for entries is March 3, 2010.

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