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2007 Semi-Finalists

Congratulations to the 10 semi-finalists of the first ever Bubble Wrap® Competition for Young Inventors! (listed in alphabetical order)

  • Max Aifer -- Solar-Powered Bubble Wrap® Boat
    Age 10 – Grade 5 – Arlington Traditional – Arlington, VA

Description: Solar-powered Bubble Wrap® boat that's light, fast and efficient and requires no batteries and is both buoyant and waterproof.

  • Hannah Barkey -- Steamboat Sealed Air Shade
    Age 13 – Grade 7 - Steamboat Springs Middle School - Steamboat Springs, CO

Description: A roman shade insulated with Bubble Wrap® – sewn and created from scratch – designed to insulate windows from the cold, harsh winter. Also blocks sunlight more than typical shades.

  • Alex Chalcraft -- The Easy Check Chore Chart
    Age 13 – Grade 8 - Gethsemane Lutheran - Gilbert, AZ

Description: Lists a series of chores and allows children to pop a bubble every time they complete a chore. Pictures of the task are included for children who are not old enough to read.

  • Henry Clayton -- Bubble Muffler
    Age 13 – Grade 8 - St. Lukes School - New Canaan, CT

Description: Meant to reduce or muffle the noise level of a drum set without destroying the tonal quality. Complete with four different sized circles to fit each tom-tom and bass drum. Great for practicing the drums without disturbing others.

  • Megan Guerrero -- The Empire State Building - A 3-Dimensional Construction Project
    Age 13 – Grade 8 - Home Schooled - San Angelo, TX

Description: Very impressive 3D puzzle that uses custom-cut pieces of Bubble Wrap® to build a 2.5 foot replica of the Empire State Building.

  • Sheldon Keel -- Ann T. Stress Doll
    Age 11 – Grade 6 - Frederick School - Grayslake, IL

Description: Dummy doll made of Bubble Wrap® intended to “decrease frustrations and increase your patience.”

  • Devin Kilbarger -- Bubble Wrap® Seed Incubator
    Age 12 – Grade 7 - Madison Plains Middle School - Mt. Sterling, OH

Description: A mini greenhouse that incubates seeds and spaces them evenly inside of large-sized Bubbles.

  • Patrick Nachtsheim -- The Safe Firecracker
    Age 12 – Grade 7 - Trailridge Middle School - Shawnee, KS

Description: Twists and pops Bubble Wrap® to create a firecracker sound/effect but is safer than alternatives that involve matches and fire.

  • Cheyenne Rogers -- Bubble Wrap® Painters
    Age 10 – Grade 5 - Morton Middle School - Vandalia, OH

Description: Paint rollers and pads are lined with Bubble Wrap® to create a textured paint effect on a wall or artwork: paper, wood, canvas or drywall.

  • Grayson Rosenberger -- Bubble Wrap® Cosmetic Covering Shell for Artificial Legs in Developing Countries
    Age 14 – Grade 8 - Franklin Road Academy - Nashville, TN

Description: Cost-effective, cosmetic skin covering for artificial limbs designed to disguise the metal prosthetic limb.  Lightweight and inexpensive.  Intended for disabled people in developing nations who might otherwise be viewed as cursed or "incomplete people".