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2008 Semi-Finalists

Congratulations to the 15 semi-finalists of the second annual Bubble Wrap® Competition for Young Inventors! (listed in no particular order)

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Olivia Snarr, 13, Kaysville, UT - "Bubble Wrap(r) Braille Practice Popper"- A tool designed to assist the blind in learning Braille.  
Max Wallack, 11, Natick, MA - "Carpal Cushion" - Wrist cushions to help avoid and/or recover from carpal tunnel syndrome.  
Kayla Weston, 11, Longwood, FL - "Dancing on Air" - Shock-absorbing flooring designed to minimize the wear and tear on dancers.  
Dylan Curvey, 11, Middleton, MA - "Bubble Wrap(r) Car Door Cover" - A removable protective covering for the doors of parked cars.  
Andy Boler, 9, Richardson, TX - "Bubble Wrap(r) Plant Shelter" - A light-weight, collapse-able shelter to protect outdoor plants from the winter cold.   boler
Hannah Haas, 13, Charlotte, NC - "Sensory Wallpaper" - Wallpaper designed to engage and stimulate children with autism.   haas
Manoah Burden, 11, Akron, OH - "DNA Model" - A three-dimensional model of a DNA double helix.   burden
Grace Abernathy, 13, Noblesville, IN - "Lap Popper" - A pad designed for Alzheimer's patients who find comfort from the sound and repetition of popping.   abernathy
Nicolette Mann, 13, Christiansburg, VA - "Transformable Bubble Wrap(r) Kite" - A kit for constructing multiple types of flying kites.   mann
Lauren Strickland, 10, San Angelo, TX - "Bubble Wrap(r) Cushy Wheelchair" - Cushions providing added comfort to wheelchair-bound individuals.   strickland
Elizabeth Rintels, 12, Keswick, VA - "The Bubble Bank" - A fun way for people to save, store and display coins.   rintels
Tanner Post, 12, Liberty, UT - "Safe T Wrap" - An all-in-one, multi-purpose home safety/first-aid kit.   post
McKenzie Iverson, 12, Lenexa, KS - "The Popping Servant" - Enables people who cannot speak to more easily communicate their basic needs to others.   iverson
James Gentry, 12, Federal Way, WA - "Medical Bubbles" - Tiny bubbles used to dispense medicine slowly through the skin and avoid the pain of needles.   gentry
Kelly Seaver, 13, New Canaan, CT - "Child's First Counting Game" - A fun game designed to help children learn to count.   seaver