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2009 Semi-Finalists

Congratulations to the 15 semi-finalists of the third annual Bubble Wrap® Competition for Young Inventors! (listed in alphabetical order)

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Meredith Bush, 12, Panama City Beach, FL - "Accu-Meds" - A portable, customizable chart that helps people keep track of their multiple medication intake schedules.


Kayleen Casey, 12, Springfield, OR - "Audio Base Detector" - A portable tool to assist the deaf by enabling them to feel sound vibrations.


Corianne Cha, 13, North Brunswick, NJ - "Stroke Rehabilitation Color Chart" - A chart that helps stroke survivors gauge their recovering strength and helps guide their rehabilitation progress.


Tucker Haas, 11, Charlotte, NC - "My Personal Swing Thing" - A swing for children with movement disorders that provides adjustable back and neck support using different amounts of Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning.


Carver Hass, 10, Sheboygan, WI - "Bubble Lamp" - A modern-style, decorative floor lamp created using Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning and other recycled materials.


Kellan Horner, 12, Lenexa, KS - "Stop World Hunger" - A hydroponic green house that enables people to grow plants without soil.


Nathan Huber, 14, St. Peter, MN - "Bubble Learning" - An interchangeable flash card system to help make learning fun for children.


Joey Ikuss, 13, North Brunswick, NJ - "The Bubble Gripper" - A device designed to aid people in grabbing hard-to-reach, delicate items from high places.


Mason Kellett, 12, San Diego, CA - "Pitch Tracker" - A device that enables young baseball pitchers to track their proficiency in throwing strikes.


Jose Lopez, 11, Tucson, AZ - "Warm House" - An insulated bird house designed to keep birds and their eggs warm during the cold season.


Jared Mann, 11, Christiansburg, VA - "Pop-Up Solar Cooker Book" - A portable, solar-powered stove that can be used as a grill or an oven.


Halle Redfearn, 11, Laguna Beach, CA - "Catipod" - A collapsible, portable canopy developed to temporarily shield the homeless from outdoor elements.


Joe Redfearn, 13, Laguna Beach, CA - "Pop Pocket" - A unique portable insulated sleeve designed to help keep canned drinks cold at the beach.


Erin Swager, 13, Maineville, OH - "Pop Tech" - An educational tool that teaches young children numbers and shapes by asking them to replicate their forms in popped Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning.


Andrew Teesdale, 10, Sherwood, OR - "Bubble Wrap® Emergency
- A lightweight, miniature tent designed to provide emergency shelter to disaster relief victims.