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2010 Semi-Finalists

Congratulations to the 15 semi-finalists of the fourth annual Bubble Wrap® Competition for Young Inventors! (listed in alphabetical order)

Sahil Abbi, 10, Albertson, NY - "Popping Pillow"


Eric Baker, 11, Longwood, FL - "Bubble Debruiser"


Aidan C. Brady, 12, Atlanta, GA - "BubbleBeat"


MaryAnn Bulawa, 14, Ava, NY - "Smart Toilet"


Julia C. Coletti, 11, Setauket, NY - "Bubble Wrap Pain Indicator Doll"


Knighten J. Cooper, 11, Springfield, MO - "Physical Therapy Step, Push & Pop"


Ryan A. Cosco, 12, Middleton, MA - "The Buzzster"


Jamie A. Eusepi, 12, Cypress, TX - "Pop! Dart"


Seeley B. Fancher, 13, Rowayton, CT - "Look, Say, Pop"


Hugh Finch, 11, Harrisville, RI - "The Guitar Chord-inator"


Matthew Huber, 13, St. Peter, MN - "Petri Bubbles"


Clare P. Livingston, 14, Rowayton, CT - "The Buble"


Meredith A. Loy, 13, Portland, OR - "Bubble Bumpers"


Jared A. Mann, 13, Christiansburg, VA - "The Fridge Guard"


Megan L. Pato, 13, Oakley, CA - "Bio-Bubble Covers"