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Official Rules
* Submissions must be original. Each entry should be submitted by one student working alone, with the mentorship of parent(s) and/or a teacher/mentor.

* Official Entry Form. Submit a neatly completed Official Entry Form with your entry. (Entry form not required for Seawordy Drawing grades K-4 only!) It must be signed by the student, his/her parent or guardian, and his/her teacher/mentor. The signature on this form attests to the originality of the entry and verifies that the submission meets the rules of the competition. Entry forms lacking the required signatures will be disqualified.

Rules for all competitions for grades 9-12 and college

* Sketch of idea (experiments/lessons). Draw your idea with a diagram of how it works. Please use a thick, dark blue or black ink or flair pen. No pencil.

* Essay (Experiment/Lesson Only). Prepare a description of the experiment/lesson that does not exceed 1000 words. The description should be neatly written in black or blue ink or typed. The description should give the name of the idea and include the following paragraphs:

  • Paragraph 1 – Explain the use of the experiment/lesson. What does it do? or... What will students learn?
  • Paragraph 2 – Explain the process. How does it work? What procedure will Erden or students follow? What is required to complete your idea?
  • Paragraph 3 – Tell how you came up with the idea.
  • Paragraph 4 – Explain why you think there is a need for this experiment/lesson and how people will benefit from it in society.

* Send Your Entry Materials. Send all entry materials including Official Entry Form, Essay, & Sketch to:

The National Museum of Education
Attention: Erden Eruç
1145 Highbrook Street, Suite 308
Akron, Ohio 44301

* Entry Deadline. All entries must be received by The National Museum of Education by 6:00 p.m. EST on Friday, March 21, 2008. Entries received after the above date will be disqualified. Faxed and emailed entries are not acceptable.

* The National Museum of Education, WhaleNet, Around-n-Over and the Northeast Invention Center are not responsible for: lost, late, mutilated or illegible entries nor for mail or shipment errors or delays resulting in omission, defect, delay, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to or alterations of entry materials, or for technical limitations of any kind, or inaccurate transmissions of or failure to receive entry information by The National Museum of Education on account of technical problems, or shipment problems or errors.

* Please Note:

  • Mail or fax entries only. Emailed submissions will be disqualified.
  • Entries must be in English.
  • Do not use report covers, binders or folders. All sheets should be 8-1/2” by 11”.
  • Staple all written materials, and sketch including the Official Entry Form with one staple in the left-hand corner.
  • Essays, sketches or diagrams will not be returned to contestants.
  • Students may enter only one submission.

* Permission to Duplicate. Students, teachers, and parents are welcome to duplicate any part of this competition information (including the Official Entry Form). All entries must be accompanied by a copy of the Official Entry Form.

* This competition is open to full-time students who are in grades K-12, college for the 2007-2008 school years. These students must attend an accredited public, private school or college, charter school, or be home schooled, and must reside within the United States or U.S. Territories. Employees of The National Museum of Education, WhaleNet, Around-n-Over, and Northeast Invention Center, and each of their affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies and their immediate family members and/or those living in the same household of each are not eligible.

* All federal, state and local taxes are the sole responsibility of the winner. All federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply.

* Prize consists of only those items specifically listed herein as part of the prize. All taxes, fees and surcharges on prize or gratuities associated with any part of the prize are the sole responsibility of the winner.


1. All entries received in accordance with the rules will be judged on the following basis:

  • Creativity
  • Practicality or Usefulness to Educational Community
  • Benefit to Society (How will it help people?)
  • Clarity of essay, including spelling and grammar.

2. Each contestant is limited to one entry.

3. Winners are selected by a panel of distinguished scientists, business executives, and educators. The decision of the judges is final.

4. After the judging of essays, drawings, semi-finalists will be selected and notified through The National Museum of Education by Friday, March 21, 2008.

5. Entry materials, consisting of an essay and sketch will not be returned to the contestants.

6. The National Museum of Education, WhaleNet, Around-n-Over, and Northeast Invention Center are granted permission, upon entry into the competition, to use (in their sole discretion) the contestant’s name, photograph, likeness, and entry materials including the submission, for publicity purposes. Acceptance of the prizes constitutes permission to National Museum of Education, WhaleNet, Around-n-Over, and Northeast Invention Center and its agencies to use the winner’s name and/or likeness for purposes of advertising and promotion and trade without further compensation unless prohibited by law. By accepting the prize awards, winners agree to hold harmless National Museum of Education, WhaleNet, Around-n-Over, and Northeast Invention Center, their respective officers, directors, agents, employees, attorneys, shareholders, partners, controlling persons, predecessors, subsidiaries, affiliates, parent corporations, insurers, successors, and assign against any and all claims and liability arising out of their participation in this promotion or the use of the prize. Winners assume all liability for any injury or damage caused or claimed to be caused, by the participation in this promotion or use or redemption of any prize. By participating in this promotion, contestants agree to be bound by the Official Rules and the decisions of the judges.

The Deadline for entries is March 21, 2008.

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