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July 1, 2007

Well the last week of June was when I planned to leave, but it came and went.  The weather has been different each day.  The winds, waves and tides all have to agree before I can start rowing in the ocean.

While I have been waiting, my wife, Nancy, was able to come back for another visit.  I am staying with my friend, Tom Lynch, from the Ocean Rowing Society.

I was hoping to leave in June because it would give me enough time to reach Australia before the cyclone season in the South Pacific.  I assume it will take eight months to get there, so I am pushing my luck.  I am also worried about a weather condition called El Nino, which raises the water temperature and then creates storms.  But even though I am worried, I can’t leave yet and have to be patient.

People often tell me how dangerous it is to row a boat in the ocean, but it’s also dangerous to ride my bike on land.  When I was riding yesterday, a woman driving a car tried to squeeze around me and was honking quite rudely.  I got tired of it and tried to pull over and let her around.  When I hit the brakes my front wheel came to a fast stop and I flew over the handle bars.  I found myself doing a head stand with traffic all around me.  If I can only start rowing without getting hurt on land, I think the ocean will treat me just fine.

While I wait, I have been keeping my eye on many weather reports.  The Ocean Prediction Center, OceanWeather and the National Data Buoy Center are just a few of my sources.

This summer is the first time three people have rowed in the ocean at one time.  Beside me, the other two rowers are Ralph Tuijn from the Netherlands and Roz Savage from England.

Please stay tuned for more information.

*Entry adapted for grades 5-8 by Andrea Rogers


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