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July 8, 2007

I am still waiting at Bodega Bay.  I put my boat in the water yesterday, but there is a warning for small boats to stay out of the water until Monday.  So I decided to sleep in.

On Tuesday, gentle winds will come up from the South and calm the seas.  It is important that the winds push me out from the beach into the ocean when I start rowing.  This weather report was encouraging.

While I have been waiting, my friends Tom and Sveta Lynch have let me stay at their house.  Tom is the director of the Ocean Rowing Society that is based in London, England.

After the boat was in the water, I tested my electric water-maker.  This is a machine that takes salt water from the ocean and filters it so that I can drink it.  I have to run special chemicals called Biocide through the machine to kill the tiny organisms that might grow in it.  The test went well, and the water-maker is ready to go.

You might be wondering what the goal of my journey is.  I am trying to make an around-the-world surface journey using only my own power.  In other words, I can’t drive a car or speed boat.  I have to ride my bike or row my boat from one point on the Earth to a point on exactly the other side of the Earth.  I also have to cross the Equator.

Jason Lewis, another adventurer like me, is in Egypt right now.  He is finishing his around-the-world journey.  He started in Greenwich, England 10 years ago. 

*Entry adapted for grades 5-8 by Andrea Rogers

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