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July 23, 2007

I ate the last of the plums yesterday.  Jack Gill’s friend from Turkey, Faik, brought them to me.  “Here, these are from our orchard,” he said.  His little daughter handed me the bag.  Jack Gill was the friend who towed me to Sausalito in June, after my second attempt to leave from San Francisco failed. 

Let’s go back to my last dispatch.  The 21 nautical miles of distance that I celebrated was early.  I had to row four or five hours after sunset.  I would like to cross 125W longitude soon.  This will put me out of reach of the storms to my east.

I passed the home city of one of my sponsors, BOB Trailers, yesterday.  I contacted them soon after I decided to travel around the world with human power in 2003.    I had just paid a year’s dues at my climbing gym, Seattle Vertical World.  I was upset because I would not be able to use my membership and I explained that to the gym.  They said, Don’t worry.  You can return here when you are done.  This is your home.”

Then I called BOB Trailers and they gave me their newest trailer.  They said, “We are getting the first shipment.  You will have it before the stores.”

My third sponsor was OrtliebUSA.  Our first three sponsors hold a special place in our hearts.  We never heard back from the large companies we wrote to.  Hand shakes and eye contact worked better.  We are friends with our sponsors.  They are partners in this journey.  The same is true of individuals who make a donation.

To the right are the logos and names of our sponsors.  I will share more stories over time.

*Entry adapted for grades 5-8 by Andrea Rogers

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