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July 25, 2007

I achieved one of my major goals.  I have been at sea for two weeks and have not gotten injured.  This was important because I had to adjust to life at sea.  Everything changed when I decided to cross the ocean like this.  All the comforts of home go away and there is no one to talk to, unless I call someone on the satellite phone.  I can’t shower with fresh water, drink a cold soda or eat a chilled, fresh salad.

In a few hours, I will cross the border between the United States and Mexico at about 360 nautical miles west of land. 

Yesterday, two overlapping wave systems made for a tough day of rowing.  The waves towered around me and collapsed in all directions.  The sloshing seas were not fun.

I rowed in two 3-hour sessions yesterday.  I rested in between.  While I slept, the wave crashed against the boat with a bang.  It made me wonder about the long journey ahead.  How many hits like this could my boat take?

I am worried about a storm, Tropical Depression Delila.  I am not sure how it will affect my course.  It may even help me.

Compared to my last ocean rowing journey, I can sleep better.  I have a new light that can stay on all night without needing to be charged.

Three days ago, many ships passed me.  I must have been on the same path they use, going to Los Angeles or San Francisco.  I have not seen a ship since.

Life is good so far.

*Entry adapted for grades 5-8 by Andrea Rogers

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