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August 1, 2007

In my dispatch on July 20, I mentioned the albatross that visited my boat.  I learned that it was actually a dark footed albatross.

As I row, I can observe the ocean first-hand.  Obviously, I cannot see the chemical pollution.  But I do see litter like soda bottles every three or four days.  I have also seen loose fishing net buoys float by.  Yesterday, I rowed past a large grey fuel jug.  Each of these objects was made of plastic. 

What I see is just the tip of the iceberg.  There is much more pollution that I can’t see. 

The United Nations, a governing body made up of people from all different countries, tells us that we must preserve the ocean.  But that is not enough.  Our garbage is still finding its way to the sea.

As a result of litter and pollution, dark footed albatrosses like the one I saw the other day are dying.  They eat the plastic items like cigarette lighters, tooth brushes and old ink cartridges because they think they are food.  They cannot digest these items or feed them to their chicks.  These birds also get caught in fishing nets and drown.

This is sad.  We must do a better job of preserving our oceans.

*Entry adapted for grades 5-8 by Andrea Rogers

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