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August 13 , 2007

All that talk of losing sleep reminded me of a random act of kindness that is now making me more comfortable. 

People always ask me how I sleep.  My answer used to vary from at night to face down to horizontally to in the cabin.  Sometimes the rolling waves make sleeping impossible.

On the first day I tried to depart, a kind man approached me and asked me the same question.  He then asked, “Do you have a pillow?”  I didn’t.  I usually used a bag of clothes as one.  He asked if I would like one and I said, “Sure.”

I was expecting an ordinary pillow, but he came back with a large box.  I said, “Are you sure?  That looks brand new.”  He said he had plenty more and that I could have it.  “It’s my product and I designed it,” he said, handing me the box with pride.  His name was Roger Sramek and Night Care Pillow was his product. 

Sleep is important on this journey.  My cabin is like a small tent with enough room to lie down.  With Roger’s pillow, my head feels cradled and my neck is not strained.

I was looking at a map of the Pacific Ocean.  I noticed that Pitcairn Island is about 50 degrees south of me.  This island was famous for being the hiding place of the crew of the British ship, HMS Bounty.  The crew took over the ship against the will of the captain, in what is called a mutiny.

A flying fish landed on my boat as I was typing this last night.  It was an adult one.  It was probably attracted to the lights.  I thought about keeping it and eating it for breakfast.  But I did not want to deal with it, so I put it back in the sea.  The mahi mahi will be around soon and I can catch some to eat.

*Entry adapted for grades 5-8 by Andrea Rogers

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