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August 16, 2007

The tsunami alert was cancelled a few hours after the earthquake yesterday.  About 400 people were killed by the quake in Lima, Peru.  The seashore towns were OK. 

I had prepared the boat for a large wave just in case.  I tied everything down, including the bags of trash.  Around 5:30 in the morning a bump on the side of my boat woke me up.  “Was this the tsunami wave?” I thought before I went back to sleep.

I am careful about my trash.  I keep all plastic and I don’t have any tin cans with me.  I don’t keep any glass because it might break and I could get hurt.

There is a new international law for cleaner oceans.  This law says it is illegal to dump plastic in the ocean.  The laws of the United States say it is illegal to dump packing materials within 12 to 25 miles of land.  Between 3 and 12 miles, it is against the law to dump paper, rags, glass, metal or food bigger than one inch.

There is debris out here on the vast ocean.  The least I can do is avoid adding to it.

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