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August 17, 2007

After my recent dispatches, a friend reassured me that tsunami waves in the open ocean are very small.  They are usually 6 to 12 inches high.  “Most boats never notice a tsunami,” he wrote.  That’s good to know. 

I may seem too worried, but like most people I think before I act.  I have been active outdoors since I was a young child.  I had good teachers, starting with my father.  Over the years, I passed on what I learned to others.  I always think of safety first before taking a risk.

Out here on the ocean, I trust my boat and my instincts.  Just like in climbing, too many mistakes can lead to disaster. Sometimes I think, I can’t keep doing this and expect to live long.” 

My wife, Nancy, was upset when she found out that I don’t always tie myself to the boat.  So now I tie a cord to my ankle.  This way, I am never lost from my boat.

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