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August 23, 2007

Yesterday, I was rowing with headphones on, listening to music.  Then I heard a puff to my right.  Two huge creatures, with fins on their backs and shiny, round black bodies came to the surface at the same time.  They must have gone under my boat. 

I stopped rowing and watched.  I was going to identify these animals for our education partner, the National Museum of Education and WhaleNet.  I saw there were white blotches on their sides, which meant they were orcas.  This was a group of about 10, traveling toward North America.  A group of orcas is called a pod.

I have been at sea for 45 days and I still haven’t caught a fish.  It’s a good thing I wasn’t counting on fish for food.  I did eat one of the flying fish that landed on my boat, though.

Cleaning the fish was not hard, but it had more bones than meat.  I added the meat into my scrambled eggs and spiced it with wasabi.  My friend, Nuri, gave me the wasabi and said, “You can use this on your sushi.”

Today was a very hot and humid day.  The air felt heavy and saturated.  The wind outside provided my only relief.  My reward came at the end of the day.  It was a huge rainbow to my east.

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  Erden Photo  

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