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August 30, 2007

I have been at sea for 52 days now, and I am used to the routine.  My body is not complaining with aches or pains.  I did not get sick in the first month.  I am now so far from land that I can’t even catch a disease from other people.

You may have noticed that I have not been complaining about my electric water-maker lately.  I solved the problem and it works fine now.  As a result, my skin is in good shape because I have extra water to wash my clothes in more often.  Before, my clothes held the salt from my sweat in them.  It was causing me to get a rash. 

I had a serious incident with boiling water.  I was sitting outside and heating water with my stove.  The water started to boil over and I could not turn it off in time.  I didn’t know what to do, and as I struggled I poured boiling water on my hand.  I burned my right index finger and thumb.

I quickly stuck my hand in the cool sea water.  I kept it there for a few minutes, shaking my head about how careless I was.  Was it going to blister?  How was it going to affect my rowing?

Our medical experts at WorldClinic gave me a medical kit.  Their doctors are also on call for me.  They will be relieved to know that the skin on my index finger was only darkened and a bit weaker but not blistered.  I now make sure I can reach the shut-off valve on my stove.

When I am not a danger to myself, the sea could provide some hazards.  Tropical Storm Gil was named last night, but it will weaken over cooler waters.  Some wind shifts may be the only effect I feel.

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