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September 4, 2007

Today, just shy of two months at sea, my odometer rolled past 2,000 nautical miles.  I am about halfway to Christmas Island, where I might stop and access the Internet.  I need to download some software for my PDA.  A PDA is a handheld computer.

Hurricane Flossie formed far away from me on August 11.  Since then, I have been trying to move south as much as possible.  The winds and currents are helping me and storms are north and east of me right now.

Yesterday morning, the chirping of my radar woke me up.  It was time to get up anyway.  I filled a small bucket with sea water.  Then I used a sponge to rinse my face and neck, which was refreshing.  Lately, the temperature has been about 27C (80F). 

I started the morning by measuring the pressure in the air (we call this barometric pressure), wind speed and direction, air temperature and the level of moisture in the air (we call this humidity).  I report on these regularly to WhaleNet.  By the time I had recorded the information, I spotted a ship approaching my boat.

I tried to call them on my radio, but there was no response.  I waved and they waved back.  Why weren’t they responding over the radio?  The name and registration of the boat were: Varamo, Limassol.  Limassol is a big city on the island of Cyprus.  Cyprus is near Turkey, where I am from.

“In case you can hear this, I was born in Nicosia, Cyprus,” I said.  “Have a safe journey.”

The ship kept going without slowing down.  So I started eating breakfast.  Then suddenly, it turned and came to a stop a mile away.  I called on the radio again and this time I got an answer.  “Do you need help?” they said.  I tried to respond, but my battery was low.  I quickly put the radio on its charger, but they still could not hear me.  I had to row over to them.

When I approached the ship, three crew members stood at the front, looking down at me.  They had a camcorder and were filming our encounter.  “I am sorry.  My radio is not working,” I said sheepishly.  “Do you need supplies?” they said.  “Thank you.  I have everything.  I just wanted to say hello.” I said.  “I was born in Cyprus.  I am Turkish.  I started rowing from California two months ago.”

Before long, we were both on our way.  I would have told him more about my journey but I couldn’t.  Needless to say, I charged my radio so I can send messages.

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