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September 16, 2007

It is nice to wake up and find breakfast lying on the deck.  When larger flying fish land, I take the time to clean them.  Yesterday, there were four.  One was too small, so I returned it to the sea.  I cooked the other three and ate them with scrambled eggs.  I didn’t even need mashed potatoes. 

Part of my morning routine is to look around for dead fish.  If they end up in a corner, they can rot and make a smelly mess.  Luckily, the flying fish have a strong smell.  They are easy to find.

Yesterday, a large white bird came to visit a couple hours before sunset.  I was out of the cabin to record what I saw.  The bird was graceful.  It had a yellow pointed beak, black around the eyes and a white head.  Its body was the size of a football.  The wingspan was about five feet.  It looked very pretty flying. 

Hopefully, we will be able to identify this pretty creature.

Erden Photo  
  Erden Photo  

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