Erden Eruc's Circumnavigation
Erden's Travel Journal for K-4
Erden's Travel Journal for K-4

July 1, 2007

I planned to leave in the last week of June. I still have not left. The winds, waves and tides all have to be good before I can start rowing in the ocean.

While I have been waiting, my wife, Nancy, came back.  I am staying with my friend, Tom.

I was hoping to leave in time to go around some of the big storms in the ocean.  I am worried.  I can’t leave yet and have to be patient.

People often tell me how scary it is to row a boat in the ocean.  It’s also scary to ride my bike on land.  When I was riding yesterday, a car made me crash.

While I wait, I have been keeping my eye on the weather. 

This summer is the first time three people have rowed in the ocean at one time.  Beside me, the other two rowers are named Ralph and Roz.

*Entry adapted for K-4 by Andrea Rogers


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