Erden Eruc's Circumnavigation
Erden's Travel Journal for K-4
Erden's Travel Journal for K-4

August 3, 2007

I ate the last bagel.  I am also out of mangoes.  I still have three limes, two oranges and three apples.  They won’t last much longer.  I have been at sea for almost a month now.  After they are gone, I will be eating dried foods.  I may catch fish.

The sea is fairly calm.  The sky is clear.  I washed and did the laundry.  I rowed without my shirt and now I have sunburn.  It is another bright, sunny morning.

If you look to the right, the red dot shows where I am.

A ship passed by.  I asked them if they could see me on their radar and they said no.  I could not see them on my radar either.  This is not right.  I will have to use my other radar machine.  It may be the best that I can do.

*Entry adapted for K-4 by Andrea Rogers

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