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Businesses, Universities and Private Collectors will:
  1. View selected art pieces in the online gallery at www.nmoe.org.
  2. Purchase a chosen piece of art for display in company foyer or waiting room.
  3. Email request for the art immediately to ensure reservation. Send request to artists@nmoe.org
  4. Send the purchase price to the National Museum of Education, which will act as the  intermediary between the corporation and the art student to create a seamless transaction.
  5. Display  purchased art in a prominent area of the company (suggested areas include a foyer or waiting room).
  6. Corporations will receive a certificate of recognition (suitable for framing) along with the original art.
  7. A standard placard, to be hung near the art at the company’s discretion, will include the specifics of the artist and his/her work.
  8. Corporations will be recognized in a permanent place of honor as an art patron in the virtual exhibit in the National Gallery for America’s Young Artists.
  9. Send a digital photograph of the art within the company’s foyer or waiting room.
  10. Photograph the outside of the company, which will establish a corporation presence.
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