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The Rubber Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS), The Akron Global Polymer Academy, and The University of Akron are pleased to announce the finalists in the 2010 Rubber Band Contest for Young Inventors. This competition encourages students in grades 5-8 to demonstrate their creativity and ingenuity by creating an invention that incorporates the use of rubber bands.

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Zachary D. Althouse, grade 5
Paducah, KY - Lone Oak Elementary

Ping-Pong Equipment Organizer - Arts & Leisure

The Ping-Pong Equipment Organizer was made to help keep track of all ping-pong equipment. It works well, because once you take one ball out, the rest stay in. It avoids balls from falling on the floor. One side of the invention can hold up to three ping-pong balls, and the other side can hold two or more paddles. This invention keeps the equipment organized.

Kenneth "Tucker" Haas, grade 7
Charlotte, NC - Homeschooled

Webands Waterbands - Arts & Leisure

Weband Waterbands is a social project designed to engage kids to become advocates for nonprofit organizations through their purchase of colored and printed rubber bands. The bands are then used to decorate reusable or disposable water bottles, giving kids a place to display their support for their chosen cause. The bands are printed with the phrase, "We band together...." followed by the cause. For example, the green band is in support of environmental protection and is imprinted with, "We band together for a healthy planet." Initially there will be 5 different bands, each a different color and each supporting a different organization that would appeal to or directly affect kids. Unlike other bands that have been marketed to support different causes, each Weband is imprinted with a serial number, so after the band is purchased, kids may go online and register it, triggering a donation to their cause and allowing kids to see how their support grows. Donations are tracked not only by causes, but also by region of the country, age group, and individuals so that kids can see how their support compares to other kids around the country.

Benjamin E. Dabney, grade 7
Radford, VA - Homeschooled

ElastiBed - Science & Engineering

The "ElastiBed" provides a safe sleeping haven for children and infants in developing countries by protecting them from the harmful effects of mosquitoes, the primary carriers of the deadly disease, malaria. When used in combination with mosquito nets, it will provide a greatly improved barrier against mosquitoes, and lead to fewer children catching the disease. The invention consists of a framework structure that includes 12 pieces of PVC piping that fit into specially made sockets, with rubber bands strung through them to make a cube. The rubber bands are critical to this invention, keeping the cube flexible, allowing it to collapse and expand as needed. When a mosquito net is draped over the cube and tucked under the edges, this invention will keep mosquitoes out so that children have a bug-free place to sleep during the night. It the morning, it is easy to collapse the cube and store it.

Shelby C. Dodds, grade 7
Washington Court House, OH - Greenfield Middle School

Hand-E-Spider Web - Science & Engineering

The "Hand-E-Spider Web" addresses the issue of current hand exercises equipment for arthritis, which, although there is good support in stretching and squeezing, there is no current product which provides strengthening of the individual joints of the hand. The new invention allows the individual to put their hands into the web on both sides. With their hands in the web, the person stretches and closes their hands in the webs so that they are flexing as well as strengthening the individual joints of the hand. This invention can help make life easier for people who have arthritis in their hands.

Semi-Finalists - Arts and Leisure Category

Zachary D. Althouse Grade 5 Paducah, KY Ping-Pong Equipment Organizer
Kayla C. Boyd Grade 8 Lakewood, CO High Jack
Taylor M. Brooks Grade 5 Paducah, KY The Shag Bag
Peter A. Fabe Grade 5 Chardon, OH Plane Fun
Casey N. Fitzpatrick Grade 8 Murrieta, CA Rubber Band Slam
Kenneth Tucker Haas Grade 7 Charlotte, NC Webands Waterbands
Kristina X. Kosis Grade 7 San Diego, CA RuBand Vest
Justin J. Kozlowski Grade 5 Grand Island, NY Rubber Rebound
Tyrnell L. Marks Grade 8 Buffalo, NY Rubberband Creatures
Jonathan D. Whitley Grade 6 Rockledge, FL Yo Mama Can Fish

Semi-Finalists - Science and Engineering Category

Aaron D. Becker Grade 8 Kaysville, UT  Pick Me Fruit Picker
Benjamin E. Dabney Grade 7 Radford, VA   ElastiBed
Shelby C. Dodds Grade 7 Wash. Court House, OH   Hand-E-Spider Web
Nicholas A. Hiti Grade 5 Euclid, OH  Newspaper Flinger
Yigal Kamel Grade 7 Great Neck, NY    Mechanical Hands
Andy Le Grade 8 East Brunswick, NJ  The Bottle Cap
Michael R. Lenahan Grade 8 Murrieta, CA   Flaming Eagle Launcher
Catherine Faith Runnels Grade 6 Los Alamos, NM   Scrambled Eggs in the Microwave
Robert Allen Speed, III Grade 5 Iowa Park, TX    Mail Indicator
Brooke E. Wujek Grade 8 Oak Ridge, NC   Rubber Band Bottle Stacker

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