Honorary Registry

Honorary Registry

What It Is...

This registry recognizes those who make a difference every day in American places of learning including:

  • Schools of every type
  • Corporate training programs
  • Athletic programs
  • Tutoring programs
  • The military
  • Wherever learning takes place or is supported

Enter Honorary Registry

They are students, teachers, administrators, bus drivers, trainers, cafeteria workers, custodians, professors...and you. They are past and present - and in the registry, they are everlasting.

When someone is entered into the registry, the name and legacy is honored forever in the National Museum of Education and on this website. A personalized entry can be viewed online from anywhere in the world.

Who is Listed?

The Honorary Registry is NOT just for teachers! It honors each person who has made a difference in education. It recognizes those who have promoted life-long learning and, in turn, touched a life, fostered growth, offered help and changed the world one person at a time.

  • Parents, the first teachers
  • Educators of all kinds
  • Military personnel
  • Coaches, athletes, or trainers
  • Students, tutors, or mentors
  • Entrepreneurs or innovators
  • Cafeteria workers, bus drivers
  • Office staff, custodians, and nurses
  • Social workers, counselors
  • Volunteers, PTA, scouting leaders
  • Administrators
  • Corporate trainers
Why an Honorary Registry?

The Honorary Registry reflects the Mission of the National Museum of Education. It unifies Americans of every background and reveres the ideals essential to continuing America's legacy of greatness.

The Honorary Registry offers a chance to make a difference, and to give back in honor of someone who has made a difference for you.

The funds raised by the Honorary Registry will be used to develop unique programs for America's students and schools.


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