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Apply or Nominate for the National Gallery for America's Young Inventors
Tommy Award for the National Gallery for America's Young Inventors

Apply or Nominate for Induction to the National Gallery for America's Young Inventors.

Are you a student inventor with a great idea or invention? Do you know someone who is? 

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Consider Joining the only National Student Board of Directors

This is a prestigious opportunity! If you are a High School student and would like to be part of preserving the ideas and innovations of your generation, consider joining the Student Board. Your voice and expertise in deciding the Inductees to the National Gallery for America's Young Inventors are important to making positive changes for our world!

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Ethical Standards

How to Stay Safe from Counterfeit Agencies

For Parents and Students of Inductees into the National Gallery For America’s Young Inventors™ and all other competitions and youth honors

Becoming inducted into Washington, DC’s only authorized hall of fame for America’s young inventors is a very historic honor! Because of this, you may have individuals and organizations calling you to offer publicity, patents, contracts and more.

The National Museum of Education cares deeply for each student!  In order to educate families of young inventors, we are providing the following checklist of reputable practices to protect yourself and your ideas. (See below)

  • Most Important: Are they a not-for-profit group, certified with a Federal class of 501(c)(3)?  If not, they are most likely for profit!  Use Caution!
  • Have they provided a non-profit Federal Tax ID# for your reference? Verify it at
  • Can they provide a photograph of their office or building? (Not a house!)
  • Are they offering a contract? We recommend having a patent attorney present to review any promises, licenses or patent offers!
  • What is their track record? Can they provide 3-4 references of other inductees with their phone numbers?  Call all of them!
  • Is their selection method determined through a juried process? Or is it being directed by a few individuals to provide a self-serving media experience in order to provide P.R. for their own benefit?
  • Is there a publicized ceremony?  Are there reputable speakers? Are your travel & lodging expenses covered?
  • Is your child being coached on what to say and what not to say? These are BIG "red flags" and you should be very cautious!
  • Are scholarships or credits offered for an accredited institution or university?
  • Keep in mind, everyone on the Internet technically has a worldwide presence. "Idea Predators" will benefit financially from promoting your child. Anyone can set up a site. But if an organization is claiming an international presence, investigate carefully.
  • Many organizations harvest children's photos and ideas. Do they pursue public donations to maintain the website, etc.? Are awards given in return or will your child only receive a certificate?
  • Are they offering cash, manufacturing assistance or other bonuses?  Do not release any details or materials on your child's invention without protecting your child.

Remember: If you’re not getting anything, they are getting everything!

With over 35 years in the invention business,
we have a vast amount of experience.
Call us at any time with questions and concerns,
and we will do our best to keep you safe!