Amanda McIntyre

Amanda McIntyre

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Brewer Porch Childrens Center

Grades: various

Subjects: Elementary

Taught 1970s to Present

Registered by: Bettie Jenkins

Mrs. Amanda McIntyre is an outstanding and unique educator.  She began her teaching career in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama school system where she worked for twenty-two years.   For many teachers this would have been a wonderful and adequate career.   However, Mrs. McIntyre now works with children who have behavioral problems and children that have been abused.

She is consistent with her work, and she pushes the children to learn, whether they want to or not.  Mrs. McIntyre has results and the children learn.   She is not satisfied with the materials provided to her, so she buys extra supplies out of her own pocket to assist the students with their learning activities.  She firmly believes that these children can learn in spite of the personal difficulties they have or are experiencing.   Once Mrs. McIntyre has assisted children with serious personal problems, she immediately begins to work with them on their academics.  Amanda McIntyre is a rare and dedicated teacher who continues to give to her students in so many ways.  

Registered on 10 May 2011