Amy Dunaway-Haney

Freida J Riley Award: 2002 Recipient
Amy Receiving $10,000 check, as part of the award sponsored by the Christopher Columbus Foundation
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Amy Dunaway-Haney

Mrs. Dunaway-Haney was diagnosed at 8 years old with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, a degenerative muscle disease. Confined to a wheelchair since her sophomore year in high school, she participated in many activities including chorus and the show choir. Moreover, she earned two scholarships for college.

While attending Bowling Green State University, Amy had to overcome the challenges of her disease and the discouragement of some professors to achieve her dream of becoming a teacher. As the first wheelchair-bound resident student at Bowling Green, she opened the way for many handicap accessible facilities on campus including electric doors and reliable elevators. In addition to her course work and many student activities, a highlight of her senior year was being named Homecoming Queen. After graduation, she married college sweetheart Tim Haney.

In addition to teaching Spanish at the high school level for ten years, Amy teaches Spanish in the evenings and summer at Sinclair Community College. She has a Master's degree in clinical counseling enabling her to work as an individual, group and marriage/family counselor. She incorporates her teaching skills and life experiences along with her counseling expertise to be a teacher for "Kids' Turn," a program to educate families about how to deal with the difficulties of divorce. She also facilitates a support group for patients of neuromuscular diseases and their families.

Amy Receiving $10,000 check, as part of the award sponsored by the Christopher Columbus Foundation

Honorary Registry

Amy Dunaway-Haney

Dayton, OH 

Kettering Fairmont High School 

Grades: 10-12 


Taught in the 90's and present.

Registered by: Kathleen B Oliver

Amy is an incredible teacher who has overcome many obstacles in her life. She is determined to continue making a huge impact on the lives she touches. Besides being a phenomenal high school Spanish Teacher, she is a family/marriage counselor, and an active advocate and volunteer for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. She has accomplished so much and has made an enormous impact on her students and clients. Amy is wonderful, intelligent, inspirational, dedicated, effective, creative, and a diligent teacher. She is a wonderful example of a person overcoming a disability and proving she has so much to give to the world. Amy is an inspiration to all that have had the opportunity to know her.

Registered on November 14, 2005