Clarinda M. Brueck

Clarinda M. Brueck

Fairview, NJ

Lincoln School 


Grades: 7th 


Taught from the 70's to the present. 

Registered by: Mother on Dec 13, 2005

Clarinda has always strived to do her best. She was always very sports minded and enjoyed playing all sports. She worked very hard in school and became an accomplished Physical Educator, graduating with honors. She has become a role model to many children and she is always reaching out to help wherever needed. She is also a motivational speaker and has gone to many schools giving talks to children of all ages. She is a triathlete. She is the recipient of many awards and she is most deserving of them for the effort and giving of herself and reaching out to people. Clarinda is honest, sincere, conscientious, and a good example to children