Forrest M. Bird

Dr. Forrest M. Bird

United States

Various Medical Schools

Subjects: Research & Development

Researched and taught from the 50's to today. 

Registered by: The Student Board of the National Gallery for America's Young Inventors on Dec 1, 2005

Forrest Bird is a researcher, lecturer, and teacher in the fields of medical respirators and inventing. He is best known for inventing and developing some of the first reliable mechanical ventilators in medicine. He got his start, however, as a pilot. From his experience, he developed technology which could assist pilots to breathe at extremely high altitudes. This led him to be a lifelong student of the subject. He attended a number of medical schools and completed several residencies. He began researching and testing a device which became known as the Bird Universal Medical Respirator. He founded a company, Bird Products Corporation, to continue research and education on medical respirators. He traveled around to medical schools to educate and increase understanding about medical respiration. Thanks to Dr. Bird, today there is greater knowledge, and many lives have been saved.

In 2002, Dr. Forrest M. Bird spoke to students at the National Gallery for America's Young Inventors Induction Ceremony. We thank him for "passing on the torch" to continue efforts that advance knowledge and education.