Greg Y. Tseng

Fiber Optic Evanescent Wave Ion Sensor with Interchangealbe Probes

Greg Y. Tseng

McClean, VA
Age 16

Greg Tseng has always loved numbers and had memorized his multiplication tables by the time he started kindergarten. When he was 13, he finished 9th in the National Math Counts -- a national mathematics competition. Aside from being an able mathematician, Greg also plays the piano and cello and is very competitive on the tennis and basketball courts.

During a visit to the Naval Research Lab, a scientist suggested that Greg develop a device that could accurately analyze chemical solutions to determine their contents. Using fiber optic cable and light sensors to connect a laser and a computer, Greg invented a device that automatically analyzes the ion concentrations of chemical solutions and organic tissues.

In 1996 Greg was a finalist in the Westinghouse Science & Talent Search. He plans to continue to develop his invention and have it patented. When Greg graduates from high school, he plans to attend Harvard where he will study physics and mathematics.

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