Huynh Thanh Chang

Huynh Thanh Chang

Huynh Thanh Chang

Castro Valley, CA

Castro Valley Elementary Teacher


Elementary Curriculum to Visually Impaired Students

Taught from the 90's to the present. 

Registered by: Jans Neff on December 13, 2005

Thanh earned a teaching certificate and masters degree from San Francisco State University and received the Distinguished Student Award. Her volunteer activities over the years were many and varied. While engaged in these endeavors, she exhibited an unusual sense of empathy and compassion for the less fortunate. The programs she has developed (living skills, self-defense, Lunch Bunch) and her participation in the Professional Development Series (Best Practices in Reading, Step Up to Writing, BITSA - a new teacher support program, California Center for Literacy Development) are but a few reasons why Thanh is so inspiring. As a result of her tireless efforts and nurturing expectations, the students exhibit positive self-esteem and are very successful learners. Thanh has enriched our lives