Jeffry D. Phelps

Jeffry D. Phelps

North Clarendon, VT

Clarendon Elementary School Teacher

Grades: 3-4

Subjects: Reading, Language, Math

Taught from the 90's to the present.

Registered by: Susan Mordecai

Jeff is determined to explore, learn, and guide his students. This past fall as the result of a torrential rainstorm the ceiling caved it, causing us to lose a wing of the school. The area that was closed for three months was home to Jeff and his students. As a result of the flooding, Jeff was placed in several locations throughout the building. Did he complain? Not once. Jeff helped make the temporary move easier for his students by immediately zipping off to Staples for plastic crates to hold their materials. It is easy to spot Jeff in the hallway, because of his smile. I know from working by his side taht all students are special to Jeff. Jeff does not limit himself to the students he's assigned to - I have been witness to that.

Registered on 13 December 2005