Jimmy Bruce Furlow

Jimmy Bruce Furlow

Chandler, AZ

Hendrix Junior High

Grades: Junior High

World History, World Geography

Taught in the 90's and present.

Registered by: Laurie H. Delaney on November 8, 2005

In 1993 Jimmy Furlow realized his goal of becoming a teacher. Although a double amputee from the Vietnam War, he always had a desire to teach. He has since been a valuable staff member at Hendrix Jr. High School. His challenges have been an educational experience for all students at our school. Students see an energetic, educated individual. They learn that he does not use his disability as an excuse. He expects as much of himself as he does of his colleagues and students. He is a good teacher, a confidant, and an advisor. He presents interesting, fast-paced lessons. He incorporates new techniques to help students improve their study skills. He varies his lessons, stresses the multiple intelligences of learning, and takes a personal interest in each student.