Julia Sigalovsky

Julia Sigalovsky

Marlborough, MA

Advanced Math and Science Charter School

Executive Director

Registered by: Max W

Julia Sigalovsky came to the United States as an immigrant from Russia, where she had earned advanced degrees in geology and chemistry. When Dr. Sigalovsky discovered that her son was not being sufficiently challenged in school, she developed a plan for a charter school that would emphasize excellence in math and science for all students. In 2005, her vision, the Advanced Mathematics and Science Academy Charter School, for grades 6-12, came into existence in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Julia Sigalovsky works hard to make this new school a success with state-of-the art equipment and a superior faculty. Enthusiasm and praise for the school run high among the students and parents. Dr. Sigalovsky's vision has come to fruition, providing a great and challenging education for many kids.

Registered on 09 December 2005