Kathy Morton Young

Kathy Morton Young

Centreville, VA

Fairfax county, Centre Ridge Elementary

Grades: 4th, 6th

Subjects: Elementary

Taught in the 70's

Registered by: Ashley Mauter

Mrs. Young is the teacher everyone prays to have. She is creative, energetic, passionate, motivating, silly, stern, and the type of teacher that will change your life forever. She is also my mother. In March of 2007 I was in a devastating fire that took the love of my life and left me severely burned from head to toe. She took an entire year off of teaching in order to bring me back to life. She taught me to read, speak, and smile again. Most importantly, to live in a time when all I wanted to do was die. What she did for me she has done every day for over thirty years for literally thousands of students in a district filled with poverty and many troubled students who have nobody BUT a great teacher to encourage and support them in life. She is everyone's favorite teacher.

Registered 2010