Kristi Hartless

Kristi Hartless

Rocky Ford, CO

Liberty Elementary School Teacher

Grades: Third

Subjects: Reading, Writing, Math, Language Arts, Spelling, Science, Social Studies

Taught in the early 2000's to present.

Registered by: Janet Lundquist

Kristi exemplifies 'determination of the human will to succeed' more than any other person I have ever met. That spirit is what makes Kristi unique. Kristi has been an inspiration to many young girls in athletics. Because of her depiction of fairness, true love of the sport, sportsmanship, and her decision-making ability as a respected authority figure, she has been a superb role model for young girls involved in sports. I have witnessed her exuberant ambience diffuse many a volatile athletic situation when coupled with her confidence and reinforcement of her decisions. Kristi is a distinct asset to our school because she is proof that you can overcome negative scenarios and still succeed. She works to defy the odds and assist every child in achieving their full potential.

Registered on 12 December 2005