Leslie D. Brennan

Leslie D Brennan

Leslie D. Brennan

St. Joseph, MO

Lindbergh Accelerated School Teacher

Grades: 3rd

Subjects: Third Grade Content

Taught in the 90's - present.

Registered by: Leanne Murray on Dec 8, 2005

Leslie is an effective teacher who reaches out to each and every student because she believes that there is talent and ability within every student. She knows that, no matter the challenge, there is a world of opportunity for that child. Leslie proves that children can overcome many obstacles and prove 'nay sayers' wrong who have predicted a child's failure. After visiting her third grade classroom, I was impressed with the respect and adoration her third graders show her. They are very respectful not only to her but also to guests and visitors coming into their classroom. I have no doubt that she is greatly responsible for instilling this character education in her students. Leslie is highly regarded, respected, and loved by those she touches.