Linda A. Ferrara

Linda A. Ferrara

Rosenhayn, NJ

Deerfield Township Elementary


Grades: k-8 

Technology / Library

Taught from the 70's to the present. 

Registered by: Marcia Taylor

Comments: Linda has taught for 30 years in the school that she herself attended for 9 years as child. This school is obviously of great importance to Linda, so much of her life has been invested here! However, years cannot measure the impact she has had making this school better in so many ways. Her love of teaching shines daily in all the extra projects she dreams up to make learning fun - technology in the classroom, inventions of the month in science class, geometric string art projects, wacky science experiments - you name it! She is one of the most involved and creative teachers here.

Registered on 12 January 2006