Mana Golzari

Automatic Plankton UV Reflector

Mana Golzari

Osprey, FL
Age 18

Mana Golzari was born in Iran and escaped with her parents when the Ayatolla Khomeini took control of the country. The Golzari family made their way to the United States to begin a new life in Florida. Living near the coast, Mana quickly developed a love for the ocean. in the 6th grade, Mana learned that the depleting ozone later was destroying the ocean’s plankton, which produces over 90% of the earth’s oxygen.

Over the next seven years she invented the Automatic Plankton UV Reflector. This device monitors the pH levels of the water and the damaging ultra-violet rays of the sun, then releases the right amount of chemicals to protect the plankton when necessary.

In 1995, Mana’s invention won the US Department of Commerce Patent & Trademark Society Competition at the International Science Fair. Mana will attend Harvard where she plans to major in Biology and Women’s Studies.

Comic Art - Mana Golzari