Maria Pereira

Maria Pereira

Hayward, CA

Markhan Elementary


Grades: 5-6


Taught from the 70's to present.

Registered by: Melinda Cespedes

Maria came to the US when she was 21. Her father had come before her and sent for her. When Maria arrived, she spoke no English. In spite of her disability, she immersed herself in classes, including kindergarten, in order to learn the language. According to her daughter, she has many stories about the help she received from very young children teaching her to speak English. Tremendously motivated and a real self starter, she graduated from college and got her teaching credential. She has been teaching sixth grade. Her classes have always been strong academically and artistically. Over the years I have seen her students produce incredibly sophisticated art work under her tutilege.

Registered on November 30, 2005