Mary Louise Woolf

Mary Louise Woolf

Fresno, CA

McKinley Elementary

Grades: 2

All subjects

Taught from the 70's to present.

Registered by: Victoria Rail

I have known Mary Woolf for the past sixteen years. I turn to Mary as a continuous source of instructional material and techniques, enthusiasm for learning, and psychological support. Mary is a person of great strength and intelligence. All who know her value her for her command of subject matter, her energy, and her semmingly unending storehouse of ideas. What I realize is greatest about her now, though, is her devotion to her students. They are never far from her thoughts, and she inspires tremendous love and respect in them. I can think of no teacher I hold in higher esteem than Mary Woolf. She is a great educator and a wonderful person.

Registered on November 4, 2005