Michael Williamson

National Gallery for America’s Young Inventors - 2010 Keynote Speaker

Michael Williamson, Ph.D.

Michael Williamson, Ph. D., founded WhaleNet in 1993, and it has become one of the most outstanding sites on the internet which excites students about math, science, the environment and technology. Dr. Williamson is an Associate Professor of Science at Wheelock College in Boston, MA, where he has taught marine biology, oceanography, physical science, ecology, and mathematics courses since 1988. Dr. Williamson has been instrumental in the satellite tracking projects of Harbor Porpoises, Loggerhead Turtles, Hooded Seals, and Northern Right Whales. He also coordinates S.T.O.P., the Satellite Tagging Observation Programs. WhaleNet's website shows maps and data from previous satellite tagging studies as well as a catalogue of Humpback Whales that gives photographs and sighting information of the Humpbacks.