Nancy L. Kovach

Nancy L. Kovach

Peninsula, OH

Woodridge Local School 


Grades: HS

Subjects: Learning Disabled

Taught from the 80's to the present.

Registered by: Kenneth Kovach

Nancy has the dedication that exemplifies what teaching is meant to be.  Her patience and communication skills have made her a successful Special Education teacher.  When you see Nancy's warm smile, you know that she must be comfortable with her career choice. She is more than a dedicated teacher; she is a caring, devoted educator, who has given to her students since her career began. Her students respond to her because they realize she cares for them not only as students, but as individuals.  She tirelessly dedicates herself to these young people each day, and remains the upbeat, positive woman that I have shared my life with. I am proud to know that her life has been one of service to others, and I know that her dedication has made a difference in so many students' lives. To give each day of herself and to remain committed to these special students has been her life's vocation. I know that she deserves the honor of recognition.

Registered on 21 December 2005