Pam Courtney

Pam Courtney

Pam Courtney

Sacramento, CA 

Hubert Bancroft School

Grades: 1-6

Physical Education
Taught from the 70s - present.

Registered by: Diana Seeman on November 22, 2005

Miss Pam, as Pam Courtney is affectionately called by her students, is an inspiration to her students and colleagues. Although she was severely injured in a car accident, Pam's full time job at Hubert Bancroft is teaching P.E. to students in grades one to six. She has a talent for organization, leadership, and this is evident when she organizes the annual Bancroft Play Day, emphasizing the Olympic spirit. Her energy and dedication seem to have no limit. My words cannot express how much Pam Courtney contributes to our school and community.

Also awarded the Freida J. Riley Award - Click Here