Robert A. Ferguson

Freida J Riley Award: 2000 Recipient

Robert A. Ferguson

A recipient of the Purple Heart for injuries sustained in Vietnam, Mr. Ferguson has braved trials that would have defeated lesser men. In addition to his injuries, he has battled and triumphed over Crohns disease and diabetes to accomplish his goal of becoming a special education teacher for multi-handicapped students in grades 6-8. Mr. Ferguson has also chosen to draw strength from his difficult past and illnesses to give back to the youth in his community where he has been a leader of cadets in the Civil Air Patrol and a teacher-instructor at StarBase.

His devotion to youth at school and in his community has been recognized by both state and national leaders.

Honorary Registry

Robert A. Ferguson

Catoosa, OK 

Whitney Middle School 

Grades: 6-8 

Special Education; Multi-handicapped; deaf & blind 
Taught in the 80's, 90's and present.

Registered by: Rita Kukurka

I have known Mr. Ferguson for many years in several capacities; as a leader of cadets in Civil Air Patrol, a teacher in public schools, at teacher in the Starbase program, a worker for numerous civic organizations, and a military veteran leader. He has demonstrated exceptional merit in each area despite tremendous physical problems... The most important things I've seen are the miracles he has done in the classroom. He has taught the unteachable, the incorrigible, and the most seriously disabled. I have seen the white shirt with the mascara and tear stains he keeps in his closet from a mother whose son was never expected to learn and is now in regular classes. This mother died a few years ago, and I wish I Could do her justice in her story.

Registered on November 21, 2005