Susan Fog

Susan Fog

Springfield, VT 

Springfield High School 

Grades: 6-8

History - Western Civilization; Topics in Euro History

Taught from the 60's to present.

Registered by: Joy Benson on November 18, 2005

Sue is a lifer. She loves her students and they love her. I have two sons who consider themselves very fortunate young men to have been taught by Mrs. Fog. One is now married and is a teacher in FL, the other is a junior at Springfield College in Springfield, MA. Both regard her as one of the best teachers they have ever had, and also as their friend, their advisor, their confidante, as well as one of their biggest sports fans. Sue has also worked tirelessly for all of her students in not only preparing and teaching her classes, but all the little extras she does for so many. It's a tough job being one of the most favorite teachers in the whole school! Everyone wants Mrs. Fog as their teacher.