Susan A. Rosamond

Susan A. Rosamond

Tacoma, WA

Truman Middle School 


Grades: 6-8

Subjects: pre-algebra, history, science & all elementary subjects

Taught from the 80's to present.

Registered by: James E. Vincent

Susan is a kind lady with the strength, desire, and devotion of a dozen teachers. She is truly an inspiration as well as an excellent teacher. Her strength is a model of envy. Seeing her in action you can see her desire and devotion. Standards-based, hands-on science with an inquiry focus is not for everyone, but it is her forte. She relishes the challenges of teaching science, the challenge kids bring to the table, and the nurturing of young minds. Susan has the respect of her peers and the admiration of many more. She is an example of what a science teacher should be by modeling best practices and demonstrating professionalism.

Registered on 09 December 2005