Vickie Boutiette

Freida J Riley Award: 2005 Recipient

Vickie Boutiette

To teach is to be the ultimate performer, because it demands daily inspiration as well as the courage and enthusiasm to speak before an audience of students that are not always receptive or even attentive.  To teach with a disability creates an even greater challenge.  Each day presents its own demands, and outstanding teachers, like Vickie Boutiette, rise to the day.   Despite the difficulties that Vickie faces when speaking, she has inspired her students, fellow teachers, and the community.   She held onto her dream of teaching, never giving up hope.  In spite of her personal struggles, her faith in God and His plan for her life have made her a role model worthy of emulation.  The Partnership for America’s Future congratulates Vickie and commends her for her fortitude and commitment to teaching.

Honorary Registry

Vickie Boutiette

Fargo, ND 

WestSide Elementary

Grade: 1st


Taught in the 80's, 90's and present.

Registered by: Verna, Amber, Karen, & Robin

Vickie has trained 46 Reading Recovery teachers across the state of North Dakota. She provides continuous support and professional development for these teachers by personally visiting each of them in their schools. Some of these schools are more than 200 miles away from the West Fargo School district. She provides feedback for each district regarding the results of their Reading Recovery program. Vickie also works with several of the most challenging first grade students in her home school, Westside Elementary. On top of all of this, Vickie provides professional improvement and teaching in and out of the classroom to all 56 kindergarten, first and second grade teachers in the West Fargo School district. Vickie has an ever-present smile and is always willing to share her knowledge.

Registered on November 1, 2005