Wendy Shugol

Wendy Shugol

Falls Church, VA

Falls Church High School

Grades: 9-12

U.S/Va. Government, History, World Studies, Math, Algebra, Computers

Taught from the 70s - present.

Registered by: Rebecca Rives

Wendy Shugol is a positive role model for her students with physical disabilities as well as for all the others at Falls Church High School. Who better to show her PD students that anything is possible than Wendy? Not only does she talk the talk, but she walks the walk! And, what a wonderful message to other kids that Wendy does her hall duty, accompanied by everyone's best friend, Monroe, like every other teacher. Her dog, Monroe, has played such an important part in the establishment of a positive school climate that each year their pictures appear in the yearbook, included alphabetically amidst their two-legged classmates. Wendy's connection with her students over a 25 year a career has stretched them, enriched them, and fulfilled them as they never could have dreamed.

Registered on November 1, 2005