Xerxes Whitney

Xerxes Whitney

Windsor, CA

Windsor Middle School

Grades: 6-8

Physical Education

Taught in the 90's to present.

Registered by: Laura Rogina

 'Life is what you make it,' a man of many achievements once said. This same successful man had been through so much that you would expect his outlook onlife to be negative and sympathetic towards his differences. But he is surprising, proving himself to be one of the most powerful and motivational people I knew. While others had emphatized with their failures, he took those opportunities to improve upon himself and make sure that the mistakes would never happen again. While others would give up on their dreams, he would push and push, and keep persisting until he achieved that dream that he so desperately strived ofr. After all, 'You are never given a dream without the power to make it true.' This amazing inspirational man is Xerxes Whitney.

Registered on November 2, 2005