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SIBA - Past Winners!

Student Ideas for a Better America: Winners



2022 Katherine Torres Haragutchi 4 St Augustine, FL Power and Water Self-Sufficient Carbon Neutral Aquaponics A unique integration of solar panels, batteries and a water collection system using the Peitier effect for the operation of aquaponics, turning the whole system carbon neutral.
2022 Catherine Sakin 12 Lindenhurst, NY The Efficacy of Chitosan on the COnstruction and Function of COmpostable Wind Turbine Blades An alternative wind turbine blade material that is environmentally superior to common blades using Asian Shore Crab shells, an invasive species.
2022 William Huang 11 Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Enhancing the BIonic Eye: A real-time image optimization framework to encode color and spatial information into retinal prostheses This software improves upon current retinal implants that only produce limited to low-resolution grayscale images.
2022 Shivani Dodamani 11 Frisco, TX BioPod 100% Biodegradable dome that combats food waste for restaurants, spares financial expense for farmers and prevents biological magnification by providing additional nutrients to the soil and physically preventing pesticides from drifting.
2022 Taylor Wilson 12 Parkland, FL Sustainability Starter Kit A box that contains products and educational cards to teach about sustainable products including bamboo utensils, soaps, seed pens, and more.
2022 Abhinav Potineni 11 Ashburn, VA SOS280 This app functions as an effective social media-based substance use detection system and provdes support during substance abuses's early stages.
2022 Kacie Cheng 8 Clarksville, MD Crumb Coop A device attached to the wrist that catches food crumbs. It is especially useful during social gatherings where individuals are standing to eat.
2022 Brano Puff-Wroblewski 3 Rochester Hills, MI Cat-ster When a cat is hungry, it meows at its feeder and food drops out.
2022 Bretton Vanney 3 Rochester Hills, MI T.P. Guard It stops toilet paper from being unrolled by pets or young children.
2021 Sifath Arora 5 Redmond, WA MatSci Trivia This game helps people who struggle with math or science.
2021 Runjeet Narula 12 Redmond, WA Ticcer This physical apparatus is for treating Tourett Syndome by recording behaviors and alerting the user.
2021 Grace Zeine 3 Troy, MI Scarf Saver This invention prevents scarves from falling or moving when wearing it.
2021 Sophia Yakob 3 Oakland Twp, MI Easy Meals This device splits a pan into divided sections to make preparing meals easily with fewer pans to wash.
2021 Fatou Yeli Kourouma 11 Teaneck, NJ Seventh This app is catered to teens and uses music to improve mental health.
2021 Anchal Bhardwaj 10 San Jose, CA OmniCreate We designed and developed a universal grip that enables students struggling with poor motor function.It is the market's first adaptable sensory grip
2021 Christopher Kwok & Nicholas Kwok 10 San Carlos, CA Chaeto Biofilters: Chemically Modified Chaetomorpha to Mitigate Ocean Acidification This invention pioneers an ecological solution to ocean acidification through chaeto biofilters that implement a novel strain of algae in oceanic ecosystems.
2021 Ariella Hartman-Drucks 6 West Orange, NJ Transformative Property of Multiplication Math Formula I discovered a special formula that can be used to "transform" numbers in all multiplication equations to solve poblems more easily and quickly, sometimes eliminating the need to even write them down.
2021 Duaa Raza 12 Wayne, NJ CRISPRi-dCas9 Novel Gene Therapy for the Treatment of Atherosclerotic Predisposition to Coronoary Artery Disease I identified a highly expressed gene HL A-B in the predisposition for CAD on the basis of endothelial cell damage and cardiac inflammation that aggravates atherosclerosis and demonstrated a method for CRISPR to downregulate gene expression through targeting of signaling pathways to treat multifactorial diseases.
2021 Kenneth Smith Senior in College Statesboro, GA Swel Music An exclusive music and video streaming platform for underground creatives.
2021 Megan Suehr 5 Jersey Shore, PA Pet Wonder Brush This device helps brush, wash and groom the dog all at the same time.
2021 Daniella Sacco 3 Shelby Twp, MI Covid Free Supplies This device keeps you from touching the already-used pens at a restaurant or store.
2021 Declan Hiovich 3 Rochester Hills, MI Auto Dog Feeder To feed your dog while you're away, the pulleys go forward and have the cup tip to pour the food.
2021 Ezra Watrous 9 Tustin, CA Flip Flats This interchangeable shoe has a foldable heel with a tight latch to switch from heels to flats.
2021 Colin Smith 3 Rochester, MI Portable Bike Maintenance Stand This portable stand holds your bike upright so you can work on it and it doesn't fall over. It is small enough to take with you on bike trails.
2021 Sanskriti Singh 9 Campbell, CA A Novel Mask R-CNN Model to Segment Heterogeneous Brain Tumors through Image Subtraction This model takes two MRI scans and subtracts pixel by pixel giving an image subtraction which is then used to predict tumor segmentation.


Aishah Daiyan 11 Hollis, NY STEP (Specialized Technological Education Platform) STEP is an educational software meant to aid students with disabilities and health concerns during remote learning.


Siddharth Vikram 2 Carlisle, MA Water-bot The invention is a rover that can be used on planets to search for water that is frozen as ice and return it to the explorers.


Julia Bornstein 10 East Williston, NY OpthaGlass This invention allows healthcare workers to adjust reading glasses without the need for removing face shields or masks.
2021 Travis Edwards 9 Austin, TX Follow-Through Fixer The purpose of the Follow-Through Fixer is to straighten a basketball player's shot by correcting aim and finger placement.
2021 Ellie Mraz 12 Milton, MA WipeOut Performance Lens Treatment This invention is a hydrophobic lens protector and treatment for ski goggles and all-performance and safety glasses prohibiting water from remaining on the lenses, allowing for clear visibility in snow & rain.
2021 Matias Aviñó 8 Coral Gables, FL YTeach YTeach is a peer-to-peer tutoring and scheduling app that creates a network amongst the students within a school. Additionally, the app logs student tutor hours in return for community service.
2021 Kacie Cheng 7 Clarksville, MD Potty Plane: A Toddler Boy's Toilet Assistive Device This device is stable and decoratively designed to help young boys use the toilet without mess.
2021 Shruti Ramkumar 11 Chandler, AZ Low Cost Air Quality Monitoring System This air quality monitoring system improves previously existing methods by using a combination of Arduino UNO, carbon monoxide sensor, methane sensor, and several more. It can be produced to a high efficiency for $58.
2021 Darielle Eagan 3 West Orange, NJ Massagercoat A winter coat with built in massager to help people's backs and shoulders. It is controlled by a remote.
2021 Bishoy Fanous 4 Troy, MI Intelligent Pill Box This smarter medicine box reminds you to take your medicine with an alarm clock. This helps you take medicine on time and avoid pain
2021 Chayala Greenberger 4 Cleveland Heights, OH sNOw More Ice Robot This remote-controlled robot uses your phone to clear your driveway of snow, ice, slush and extra water so you can stay warm inside.
2021 Ella Casano 9 Fairfield, CT Medi Teddy This IV bag cover for pediatric IV infusion therapy is a BPA-free, medical grade teddy bear.  It conceals medical equipment adapted to keep the equipment accessible to practitioners. US patent pending, registered trademark
2021 Reda Jellouli 6 Jersey City, NJ Waste to Energy Converter The WTC is solar powered and converts energy from waste into a power source to charge your phone.
2021 Samantha Feinberg 11 Deerfield, IL Balance Boxes This is a youth-led 501(c)3 that provides students in low-income communities with a themed box containing a meal, snack, books, school supplies, games, toy and art project.
2020 Tyler Nelezen 12 College Station, TX Nine Lives Phone Case Inspired by cats, this protective cell phone case uses wirelessly-obtained gyroscope data from the phone to move two weights so the phone lands correctly.
2020 Joseph Koh 8 Valencia, CA DLT (Device Location Tracker) This tracker app has its own battery reserve and can transmit the location to the owner regardless if the device is on or off.
2020 Geeth Nunna 3 Redmond, WA Candy Case Combo A divided pouch that can be personalized with designs and colors. One portion hold school supplies; the other removable and washable portion hold snacks.
2020 Pahal Sah 3 Redmond, WA Fluffy Carrier 9000 Backpack with loads of extra pockets for school supplies as well as an expandable pocket for a blanket.
2020 Manan Ghosh 4 Sammamish, WA Castles at Battle A strategy game to build castles and armies to raid and defeat other castles.
2020 Adrienne Zollitsch 6 Jersey Shore, PA Heated/Air-conditioned Slippers Slippers with bottoms that are heated and air-conditioned
2020 Sophia Tomas 3 Rochester, MI Set-o-matic Set-o-matic helps prevent tables from getting messy and spreading germs.
2020 TEAM: Samhith Komatreddy, Sameeksh Komatreddy, Sudhip Nashi, Mihi Kabbur, Samarth Kabbur 6, 9, 10 Coppell, TX CHEAPAP A more economical alternative to a traditional CPAP machine to be used for hospitalized children in developing countries.
2020 Sean Bryan 10 College Station, TX Strip Grip A clamp that allows you to tear off desired widths of duct tape
2020 Rohith Sriram 6 Plano, TX Rainy Day Backpack Backpack containing a raincoat to cover you and your bookbag
2020 Kacie Cheng 6 Clarksville, MD Garden-Based Desk Organizer A fun, beautiful & useful organizer made from waste materials
2020 Abigail Olsen 3 Rochester Hills, MI Stay Safe Maskband for Girls Helps girls remember their masks by being a combination with a headband
2020 Maksim Olijnyk 3 Oakland, MI ElectriFarmer A remote-controlled robot that can plant, water, harvest and pull weeds
2020 Xander Shavers 4 Woodbridge, CT Nail Box 3D printed box that astronauts can use to attach to a vacuum to collect cut nails
2020 Katherine Riley 8 Lititz, PA Method to demonstrate that objects are weightless while falling in the classroom. This experiment can be completed in the classroom using common objects
2020 Divek Patel 10 Ossining, NY Litter-Go An app that transforms roadside trash pickup into a game.
2020 Isla Soliman 3 Washington Twp, MI Scevel All-in-one scoop and level measuring cup for baking needs.
2020 Noah Samano 5 Rochester Hills, MI Bandatizer A typical-looking watch with a built-in hand sanitizer squirter.
2020 Faith Samano 3 Rochester Hills, MI Untouchable Screen Screen protector for children ages 4 and under.
2020 Navedha Naren 4 Kirkland, WA Penyon Combination mechanical pencil with crayons especially for artists.
2019 Ayana Bharandwaj 10 Kirkland, WA Rock, Paper, Scissors game website A website that hosts educational board games that are easy to download, print and play for anyone
2019 Sachita Ghosh 6 Kirkland, WA Inventors and Architects Board Game In this game, you trade for resources such as Wood, Rock, Metal, Brick etc. Then you leverage these resources to build cities and shops.
2019 Nora Redmond (team) 5 Kirkland, WA Rainforest Exploration Board Game A learning board game that includes interesting facts about endangered animals.
2019 Tara Redmond (team) 8 Kirkland, WA Rainforest Exploration Board Game A learning board game that includes interesting facts about endangered animals.


Kaitlyn Rogala 10 Northville, MI The Vegetated Walk This futuristic walkway is made of perforated clear plastic panels, allowing sunlight and water to feed plants growing below.
2019 Gideon Grinberg 6 New York, NY Renewable Car This is a device for the conversion of the car emissions into fuel.
2019 Logan Wulf 4 Moundridge, KS Twist-inator This invention is a device that connects to the handlebar of a four-wheeler to limit stress on the driver's thumb while pushing the throttle.
2019 Rozalin Martin 6 Huntington, TX Foot Press Shower This is a shower for disabled people. These people could have been born with a disability or lost limbs due to an accident. To activate the shower, step onto a panel in the shower floor.
2019 Aaron Liu 5 Kirkland, WA Thermochromic Paint Many people burn themselves when they eat a hot meal. This will prevent that. When the food gets hot, the thermochromic paint changes the bowl color.
2019 Gitika Pahwa 12 San Jose, CA HomeSafe Many people often forget to inform their parents and loved ones when they have arrived at locations safely. This can be frightening for those waiting for a message - especially if they are expecting one from younger children. My application automates text messages to preselected recipients when you are in a designated location.
2019 Christian Scherle 4 Rochester Hill, MI Study Mat It is for people or children who take a long time to eat because of studying. The mat has clear silicone over it. You can slide papers or study guides in and eat without getting your work dirty.
2019 Maxim Baryshnikov 6 Redmond, WA CameraBall This invention is a ball with a camera that rolls around while holding the camera steady. It can be used in fires to lead people out of collapsing buildings.  It could also be used in recon missions.
2019 Sterling Hunter 6 Redmond, WA Thermochromic bandage If you get an injury, put this bandage on and it will change color if the wound becomes infected.
2019 Zachary Ferretti 11 Old Bethpage, NY Tetra Gelatin Magnetic Carrier (TeGMaC) The TeGMaC is a novel adaptation and application of modern nanotechnology that is designed to mitigate the neurological, chemical, and biological effects of Alzheimer's disease.
2019 Krithi Iyer 7 Redmond WA Thermal Grow Shoe As a growing kid, your shoe size changes often. With the Thermal Grow Shoe, it grows with you. It expands and contracts according to air pressure, controlled by customizable air pockets.
2019 Joshua Bodenstein & Julian Higgins 6 Arlington, VA Pod Stop The Pod Stop is an underground transportation monorail. It is able to move people to a more specific destination than Metro and is faster, up to 40 mph. It is more efficient, thanks to Destination Dispatch, grouping people based on the destination and current location, thereby not causing traffic on roads.
2019 Xander Shavers 4 Woodbridge, CT Bionator Nightmask This specially designed nighttime bionator mask keeps the bionator in the mouth.  The bionator is a removable orthodontic appliance that corrects an overbite. Normally, a wire headgear needs to be worn with it, but it is painful and makes it hard to sleep. My invention uses a surgical mask to keep the bionator in place. It is easier to breathe and comfortable to wear.
2019 Gabriella Johnson 5 Mill Hall, PA Pajama Pulls These convertible pajama pants change into shorts with the pull of two strings.
2019 John Allegra 5 Lloyd Harbor, NY The Traffic Stopper This traffic light has a camera to sense if cars are at the light. It senses traffic patterns and adjusts the light's timing to allow a more consistent flow.
2017 Avery Schrag 4 Burrton, KS Wrist Bib A terry cloth band which fastens with velcro to protect the sleeves of infants and toddlers who wipe their faces there.
2017 Adrian Jacob 6 Cedar Hill, TX Focus Frames These goggles block out peripheral vision allowing for better focus on specific tasks like reading, test taking or computer activities.
2017 Justin Pavlik 3 Washington, MI Storage Vacuum A storage container that picks up and stores Legos
2017 Emilio Ruiz 6 Dallas, TX Tooxduo 2 in 1 Travel Toothbrush This travel toothbrush combines toothpaste into one combo, reusable or disposable.
2017 Ava O'Kresik 6 Dedham, ME Poop Snackers Eradicator This automated self-cleaning cat litter box has a PVC frame with provides privacy while preventing intrusion by the family dogs.
2017 Samarth Mahapatra 4 Marietta, GA ChairSafe: Chair fall Detection System This device gives an alert signal when a chair is rocked or tipped, preventing potentially dangerous falls. Through continued use, students will change behaviors based on constant monitoring.
2017 Dylan Terry 5 Jersey Shore, PA Medicam A device that helps children take bad tasting liquid medicine by mixing flavor and water with the medicine.

Suhani Nog

7 (team) Redmond, WA Switch-it Scissors Many different kinds of blades that are interchangeable on one pair of scissors
2016 Alesha McKenzie 6 Cedar Hill, TX K.A.N.G.O.S. "Keep all noisy Gerbers™ silent"... Kangos are diapers with a pocket on the back that has wipes inside a small bag. It allows you to change your baby quickly so your baby doesn't have to be wet while you look for wipes. (Gerbers™ is a copyrighted name and this invention implies no endorsement, affiliation or rights to the name, expressly or implied.)
2016 Lydia Weathers 6 Cedar Hill, TX Dog FInder This dog collar send a signal to your smart phone. It will send a notification if the dog has left the prescribed area and will give information on the dog's location.
2016 Chris Cahil 9 New Port Richey, FL HeatEx This camera has a thermal sensor up to 600° F. It is covered with stainless steel and is fireproof. Through a connection with a smart phone, it will contact the nearest fire department when it senses a heat signature. It also has a CO2cartridge and nozzle to help extinguish the flame.
2016 Neha Krishnakumar 7 (team) Redmond, WA Switch-it Scissors Many different kinds of blades that are interchangeable on one pair of scissors
2016 Angad Arora 4 Redmond, WA Super Profession Suitcase Pack for trips faster! There is a pressure-sensor at the bottom of a suitcase. It lights up if there is too much weight in the case.
2016 Abhishek Vaidya 5 Redmond, WA Signal Bike Designed for bikers who don't know or don't use hand signs. These handlebars have turning lights which are activated when pressure is applied.
2016 Nikita Kuzishchich 7 Kirkland, WA SmartStove This stove prevents burns for children. It senses weight of the cookware on the stove. When there is no pressure, it prevents the burners from igniting.
2016 Luka Super 3 Rochester Hills, MI Wipesicle These specially-made ice-pop sticks hold a moist wipe. Enjoy your frozen treat, and then wash your hands and face!
2016 Rachel Hall 5 Mill Hall, PA Snap Skirt If you have a skirt that is too short, attach a strip of fabric with the Snap Skirt.
2016 Caleb Rieck 5 Jersey Shore, PA Diabetes Organizer This device sorts diabetes supplies like meters, glucose tabs, snacks, pump supplies, etc. so that I know where everything is.
2016 Vienna McIntosh 5 Mill Hall, PA Survival Coat This coat has a lining to save your life! If you are lost or stranded, find hand warmers, mirror, compass, gum, rope, filtered drinking straw, and much, much more!
2016 Sarah Hofius 7 Concord, OH Swifter Lifter This is a conveyor belt that attaches to the stair rail to help disabled or elderly people move laundry or other heavy objects up the stairs.
2016 Lucy Haura 3 Tampa, FL Cushy Tushy School Supply Holder This school chair cushion has attached side pockets to hold folders and pencils while softening the hard seat.
2016 Sara Makboul 8 Acworth, GA SorberBalls Millimeter-sized beads are dispersed on soil, concrete and mulch. After rain, the beads absorb 45% of excess water that hasn't filtered into the ground. This repeats for 7-9 years to prevent storm water pollution that contains animal waste and other run-offs.
2016 Andrew Ng 7 Hollywood, MD Conductivity Relationship to Dehydration This is a cheap, efficient way to detect dehydration by using a multimeter to measure the resistance of sweat.
2015 Avery Went 3 Dublin, OH Healthy Pillow The Healthy Pillow has a pocket sewn in the front of the pillow case for insertion of moisturizing menthol scented tissues. This provides a soothing menthol aroma to aid decongestion and avoids applying messy menthol ointment. This invention helps one to achieve a better night sleep as it is no longer necessary to get up and reapply mentholated ointment or reach for a tissue.
2015 Kristin Bobo 6 Cumming, GA Bag Tracker The Bag Tracker is a piece of luggage with an embedded RFID tag that allows travelers to track their luggage by downloading corresponding Bag Tracker app. The Bag Tracker technology is built into the luggage, remaining hidden and eliminating the risk of losing a detachable RFID tag.
2015 Eliana Van Cor 6 Dover, ID “Winter Cowboy” Western Winter Bridle Bridle is natural & animal-friendly with a leather bit with wooden shanks devoid of metal, which can damage teeth, strain the lungs, pull hair and cause frostbite in the animal’s mouth. It has leather reins and a headstall made of soft suede cowhide with fur. The result is a bridle that is more comfortable and humane for the horse making them less likely to rear, buck and bolt while riding.
2015 Introduction to Oceanography, Class of Spring 2015 University of Akron Akron, OH Life-sized model of an Orca ("Killer Whale") This life-sized inflatable was constructed to scale and is approximately 30 feet long. Created for service learning to the area educational community, University students prepared a unit of lessons with cross-curricular activities that meet academic content standards for language arts, science, math and social studies.
2015 McKenzie Blanc, Maci Grizzell, Chauncey Livingston & Elija Reeves 5 Rineyville, KY Wrist-Mist This is a waterproof wristband that contains an insulin-filled capsule to emit a light spritz of insulin onto the wearer’s skin for absorption. The band may replace or help supplement the use of insulin needle injections for diabetics. A built-in timer alerts the wearer when the capsule needs to be replaced.
2015 Dylan Oster 12 Lake Oswego, OR Signal Safety Shot For student shooters at a gun range, a gun that is equipped with this invention is disabled unless it is pointed down range.
2014 Grace Boyd 4 Duncanville, TX Auto Doggie Washer 2000 A portable dog washing gadget to make this chore easy and convenient.
2014 Joonho Oh 4 Dublin, OH Wash Your iPad  
2014 Mark Leschinsky 3 Mahwah, NJ Self Disinfecting HazMat Suit  
2014 Leah Fast 5 Moundridge, KS Long Udderwear  
2014 Jonathan Steinke 7 Dublin, OH Grab 'n' Gulp  
2014 Ross Fuller Grade 5 Jersey Shore, PA Brush Faucet  
2014 Hope Frye Grade 4 Oakland Twp, MI Handle Arthritis  
2014 Emily Graham Grade 5 Lock Haven, PA Top Bunk Essentials Caddy  
2014 Macy Conley Grade 5 Staffordsville, KY Key Chain Can Opener  
2014 Sammy Sommerkamp Grade 6 Pataskala Workout Wonder  
2014 Kasey Jackson Grade 4 Cedar Hill, TX Sports Bra Patch Pocket Never lose your keys again with this handy addition for your jogging wear.
2014 Katelyn Candido Grade 4 DeSoto, TX Backflipper 3000 A safe and comfortable spotting tool for learning gymnastic backflips. It adjusts to 3 different sizes for varying child heights.
2014 Paige Risser Grade 5 Greeley, CO Velcro Notebook The entire cover of the notebook is made of Velcro™. Attach the Velcro™ to any writing utensil then attach it to the notebook. You can even attach it to a pencil bag! Never lose your pencil while writing in a notebook again!
2014 Kathryn Russo Grade 8 Highland, NY Ski and See When beginner skiers are learning, this device allows them to view ski traffic approaching from behind. This reflective mirror device attaches to ski poles.
2014 Jessica Holte Grade 3 Post Falls, ID E-Z Moo Milk Dispenser This invention includes a cap that screws onto a normal milk container. After the connector is in place, flip the nozzle control and milk comes out. The connector can be used with most types of gallon milk containers.
2014 Kira O'Connor Grade 7 Edmond, OK Dishwasher Stilts A way to load or unload the dishwasher without bending down to help individuals with disabilities.
2014 Cate Sievers Grade 5 Santa Monica, CA Whitebook Book Cover A notebook with a whiteboard for a front cover and a pocket inside for holding dry erase markers.
2014 Isabella Biondi Grade 4 Denver, NC Recycling Mailbox Mailbox with a plastic tube below to receive unwanted mail for recycling.
2014 Azaria Donaldson Grade 8 Highland, NY Bread Toaster & Butter Cutter A glass toaster to allow the user to view the bread as it browns to perfection. The butter cutter automatically senses and slices butter in consistent portions.
2014 Neehar Banerjee Grade 9 Rochester, MN Water Water Everywhere Conservation System Water conservation through computer-based sprinkler system.
2014 Lars Boehme Grade 4 Rochester, MI Venti-Bag A ventilated bag for storing and separating snow gear for carrying home.
2014 Emily Defini Grade 8 Highland, NY Bat Warmer An insulated fabric sleeve to fit a ball bat with pockets for hand warmers to warm the bat during cold seasons.
2014 Ariana McKenzie Grade 4 Cedar Hill, TX Toothpaste Brush  
2014 Wanda Drost Grade 4 Cedar Hill, TX Jogging Friend A water bottle strap system to hold the bottle in the front of a runner. Also equipped with a light.
2013 Daniel Kaufman Grade 5 Moundridge, KS Dan’s Hold-A-Bird The invention holds the legs of a chicken in place while the chicken is bathed. It is a wooden base with padded holes that secures the chickens feet in place. The chickens are calm and docile while being bathed.
2013 Clara Burns Grade 2 New York, NY Occupational Therapy Putty for Handwriting and Fun The invention is putty with laminated paper and small toys inside. A dry erase marker is on the side. Kids can squeeze the putty, try to find the toys hidden in the putty and write on the laminated paper when it is retrieved.
2013 Benjamin Spector Grade 9 Herndon, VA Mood Balloons After lengthy hospital stays, Ben invented Mood Balloons so kids can express how they are feeling. The product has peel and stick sheets of vinyl cling facial expressions that can be affixed to Mylar balloons creating emotional faces.
2012 Tanner Resch Grade 3 Hanford, WI Bob, the Picture Fish It is a mechanical fish that swims underwater and takes photographs through remote control.
2012 David Li Grade 8 Commack, NY Emergency Shut Off Valve This valve senses seismic waves and automatically shuts off the natural gas coming into a home. It can be applied to other gas sources.
2012 Laura & Michelle Diggans Grades 10 & 11 Medfield, MA Tire Iron Caddy Convenient way to loosen nuts that have been put on a tire by a pneumatic wrench.
2012 Jennifer Bohac Texas A & M College Station, TX Exercise Wheel Underneath the Desk Physical, mental, and financial benefits to exercising while at a desk. Can be used by students or employees.
2012 Matt Balsinger, Philip Coe, Dave Drusky, Eric Evans, Amber Flores, Meredith Grom, Brandon Hartman, David Homer, Kenneth Jambor, Mike Kekic, Jennifer Knapp, Ashley Layland, Pete Nolan, Daniel Patchin, Zach Rhodes, Ryan Sheehan, Logan Sheptock, Carrie Steinfurth, Ben Subotin, Anthony Wahl
University of Akron
Akron, Ohio Life-Sized model of a Blue Whale The constructed inflatable baleen whale is approximately 105 feet long, 30 feet in circumference. The structure is made from 6 mil plastic sheeting with one side left clear to teach anatomy such as bone structure. Elementary and middle school students will be able to view the whale at several local schools where they will be invited to walk inside. University students have prepared a unit of lessons with cross-curricular activities that meet academic content standards for language arts, science, math and social studies. The project is currently being considered by the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest animal replica.
2012   Blue Whale     Watch YouTube Behind the Scenes video here!
2011 Devin Tweedy 4 Argyle, IA Vent Trap For safety and ease of retrieval, this device prevents items from falling to far. Allows airflow and can be easily cleaned.
2011 Weston Kennedy 7 Lutz, FL Grass Paper To prevent scarcity of trees and protect wildlife habitats, make paper out of grass. Since many citizens throw away most of their lawn grass, recycling centers can use that grass to make paper.
2011 Andrew Sheldrick 4 Rochester Hills, MI Lighted Retriever Lighted long-reach tweezers to retrieve blockage from garbage disposals. Safe and effective, home owners can use these to avoid calling a service provider.
2010 Noah Floyd 6 Merritt Island, FL Quizzer The Quizzer is an educational board game with a nearly unlimited variety of ways to enjoy its use.   The variety of topics and questions are endless.   This computer-assisted board game was made so that a player does not have to spend hours looking for a good educational board game.   It allows the players to switch topics, change the questions and play.   The creator chooses categories and then questions.  Once the questions and categories are made, you are ready to play.  
2010 Giselle Lauway 6 Miami, FL The IncredaGrabber The IncredaGrabber is designed to help people who have been in accidents or have injuries in their arm which makes them unable to lift their arm high enough to reach things from up or down.   It also helps short people to reach high objects.   It comes with an LED light close to the grabber and includes magnets.   It aids the elderly to get items from high spaces and off the floor without bending.
2010 Natalie Martinez 6 Miami, FL Handy Holder The Handy Holder is a special device that helps people with rheumatoid arthritis.  Since people with this condition have stiff and painful joints in their hands, the Handy Holder helps them carry grocery bags.   Since often the bags have heavy objects that weigh down a person's fingers and hurt their joints, this Handy Holder prevents the bag from applying excessive weight on their fingers.
2010 Jessica Navarrette 6 Miami, FL KS 400 Knee Scooter The purpose of the KS400 Knee Scooter is to allow a disabled person with a foot disability to scoot along on wheels at a moderate pace, moving at a much faster pace than if they were to walk with crutches.   Also, they do not have to carry their bag because they may conveniently place it in the basket located in front of the scooter.   This invention makes it easier to get from one destination to another with less risk of injury than if they used crutches.   The Knee Scooter is less expensive than a wheelchair and also more maneuverable.   It doesn't require the large spaces and oversized doors that a wheelchair needs.  
2010 Athena Ortega 6 Homestead, FL Bend-A-Crutch The Bend-A-Crutch makes crutches less cumbersome when not in use.   For example, a person who has a broken leg and uses crutches goes to a restaurant.   This creates a problem of where to place the crutches without getting in the way of the server or another customer.   With the Bend-A-Crutches, the crutches fold easily and fit under the chair.   The Bend-A-Crutch will not bend unexpectedly, because it has a latch.   It is easy to store, and can fit in boxes, under beds, under chairs, in closets and takes up less space than regular crutches.
2010 Domenica Parades 6 Miami, FL The Swivler  
2010 Brandon Pavon 6 Miami, FL The Money Helper This invention helps elderly, disabled and sight challenged people identify paper currency.  The "Money Helper" has color-coded peel-off stickers that have raised numbers making it easier to recognize the currency by touch and color.
2010 Andrea Rogue 6 Miami, FL The Super Wonderful Cane This Super Wonderful Cane is useful for people who have problems walking.   The cane holds a drink, an Ipod, a bell which will warn cars to stop, and lastly, an umbrella which the person can use when it's raining.
2010 Tyler Sarkisian 3 Rochester, MI Marshmallow Roaster This is a Marshmallow Roaster stick which holds up to 9 marshmallows at a time.   It comes with a convenient stand and is made of non-stick coated steel for easy clean up.
2010 Sofia Scott 6 Miami, FL The Braille Shelf  
2010 Siena Vadakal 6 Miami, FL Aaah-Ven The Aaah-ven is a stovetop oven with a couple of improvements.   It heats up or bakes goods without any problems, such a s burning yourself or having to harm your back by bending over to take baked products in or out.   The Aaah-ven is very useful to any person that likes to cook, especially for grandparents.   It operates by rails supporting the doors to slide out.   The door has racks connected to them so that once you pull them out, the racks are immediately in front of you.
2010 Zachery Veiner 6 Miami, FL Glow Cane EA The Glow Cane EA (Extended Arm) is a cane and a grabber combined in one item.   The Invention allows the user to walk to an item that they wish to grab using the cane.  When they reach the item, the cane's claw closes over the item and allows the user to pick up the item without bending over.  
2010 Alec Walter 6 Miami, FL The Handi-Towel The Handi-Towel is a towel designed for the elderly, disabled, or anyone who has difficulty or pain using their hands.   It allows for the user to dry his or herself off without having to grasp or clutch a towel.   It allows gravity to do the work of holding the towel.   People with severe arthritis, disfigured hands, or those that are missing fingers or thumbs would find this invention helpful.   It allows the user to dry off without having to open and close their hands to hold the towel. 
2010 Anya Warren 6 Merritt Island, FL Retro Leash Retro Leash was invented so that surfers do not have to trip over their surfing leash when they are walking.   It also avoids dragging the leash in the water.   It attaches to the surfboard similarly to existing leashes.   The surfer winds it up with a handle like a fishing pod.   The drag is adjustable.  It comes in various colors and lengths, depending on the size of the surfer and the surfboard. 
2010 Christian Yates 6 Merritt Island, FL Math Rat Math Rat is a unique board game.   It is a bright blue board with flashy stickers, rats and cheese.   It is fun to play and helps kids learn subtraction, multiplication, and addition---generally just become better at math.   The board has rat holes in it for the cheesy dice in which to be tossed.   When a player makes it into one of the holes and gets the math right, he/she gets gold points/ounces.   The first one to reach 500 ounces of gold cheese wins!
2009 Nathan Berley 4 Denver, NC Inflatable Gutter The Inflatable Gutter is an invention that will decrease the number of injuries and deaths due to falling from a ladder or becoming electrocuted while cleaning out gutters. All you have to do is  simply switch the electric air compressor on, and the compressor will pump air into this rubber bladder.  As the bladder inflates to three inches wide and three inches tall, it will throw out the debris.  The Inflatable Gutter comes in twenty foot strips.  The bladder can be applied to the bottom inside of your gutter with water proof glue.  This invention will make life easier and safer.
2009 Carly Kaplan 4 Marietta, GA Snug Bug A stuffed animal bug that you take with you on sleep-overs or at sleep away camps.   The purpose of the Snug Bug is to help children feel secure when they are sleeping away from home.   Many children experience homesickness while they are on sleep-overs.  When children are homesick, they can be comforted by hearing their parents' voices saying "goodnight" and seeing their parents' faces.   The Snug Bug has a tape recorder so that children will be able to record their parents' voices saying something like, "Goodnight Sweetie, I love you."  On the tape recorder there is also a light for kids who are scared of the dark.  There is also a slot for children to put a picture of their parents.  The Snug Bug is a simple device  All kids have to do is hug that bug!
2009 Juan Cruz, Terry Molina, Jairo Cuevas, Killian Leonard, Mauricio Urrego, John Estrada, Yobani Cruz, Dustin Grizzle, Katelynn Jaworski 5 Gainesville, GA Ready Kid Desk "SPECIAL CREATIVITY AWARD"                                 A desk that helps students be organized, stay focused, and be prepared by having everything built into the desk.  The desk has a tray that holds classroom material like: replacement erasers, pencils, staplers, and a hole puncher.   It also has a silent pencil sharpener so it won't disrupt the class or teacher.  The cubby hole is also longer and larger to fit most books.  It was created to help all students in school be more organized, to help them keep track of their school/homework, and to make children less stressed out about school.
2008 No winners awarded this year due to lack of sponsor        
2007 No winners awarded this year due to lack of sponsor        
2006 Gal Bukshpan   Atlanta, GA Magic Toothbrush The Magic Toothbrush is a mix of a toothbrush and toothpaste. It works by squeezing the toothpaste, which goes into a tube to the toothbrush's bristles.
2006 James M. Fess   Rochester, NY Skate Strap Skate Strap easily lets you carry your skateboard when you get to places where you can't ride. The Skate Strap allows you to keep the skateboard on your back with the deck against your body so it won't be uncomfortable or get your clothes dirty from the wheels. You just slip one front wheel and the opposite back wheel into the slots in the strap and sling it on your shoulder.
2006 Kaileigh Kirton   Jacksonville, FL Shifting Shovel The Shifting Shovel has a perfect square in the middle of the shovel which is covered with wire netting. The wire netting is screwed down tightly to the shovel. This Shifting Shovel allows you to scoop up yard waste and dirt. The yard waste is free of dirt after being sifted.
2006 Lily Balshan   Atlanta, GA Easy Pour Easy Pour is a device that helps kids and the elderly pour heavy jugs of liquid with little effort. Easy Pour works like this: there is a holder for a jug of liquid, buy Easy Pour can only hold one size (gallon) and there is a dowel that helps the jug of liquid pour into the glass.
2006 Meg Horleman   Beach Haven Gardens, NJ Spaghetti Fork The Spaghetti Fork looks like a regular fork, but the outside prongs have indentations shaped like circles with no bottoms. They are used for keeping spaghetti on your fork when you are eating it.
2006 Michael Vawter   Westerville, OH Robo Switch A computerized, energy management system designed to control the energy usage of a home or office to prevent power outages and conserve electricity. The Robo Switch has a patent pending. The Robo Switch can be mounted on any exiting light switch and has internal sensors for light, motion, and temperature, as well as an external door sensor and various wireless sensors.
2006 Rory Petersen   Jacksonville, FL Power On-The-Go Backpack The Power On-The-Go Backpack uses a solar panel that is glued to the outside of a backpack. This solar panel takes the energy from the sun and converts it into electric power. The transformer inside the backpack changes the electric power to run any electronic device. The transformer has six different plugs and voltages so you can use many electronic devices.
2006 Samuel Gaillard   Atlanta, GA Bag Boy The purpose of the Bag Boy is to be able to carry a lot more bags at a time without having to stop and drop them. The invention is made by putting some hangers together with a clamp and putting a foam handle at the top. The invention was then painted gold and red.
2006 Sarah Jacobs   Atlanta, GA Flipper Flopper Peanut Butter Jar The Flipper Flopper Peanut Butter Jar has lids at both ends so there is no waste. It avoids the problem of scraping the bottom of the jar and getting sticky hands. The jar is flipped over when the peanut butter gets about halfway down.
2005 Ashlye Lutz Grade 8 Akron, OH Bicycle Basketball Holder This is a tapered metal basket attached behind the seat of the bicycle. This carrier securely holds the basketball through friction. It allows the bicycle rider to safely ride while using both hands on the handlebars.
2005 Candace Ingol Grade 8 Akron, OH Waste Basket Holder To help hold the bag up and keep it from falling in the waste basket.
2005 Cristian A. Oncescu Grade 12 Plano, TX Local and Remote Earthquake Damage Warning System The present invention relates to an efficient and inexpensive system for local and remote warning of earthquake-induced damage consisting of two components: (1) an original device for local warning of earthquake-induced damage on a building or structure (Damage Assessment System (DAS), and (2) an original processing software for remote warning (Damage Warning Program (DWP). Rapid reporting of shake levels in a populated area is very important and helpful to focus emergency response efforts in the zones where damage is likely to be the greatest.
2005 Daniel Touzinsky Age 10 Westerville, OH Baby Cart Buddy Made of durable vinyl, this invention is a personal cushioned tube that attaches by Velcro around the shopping cart handle keeping babies who hold and/or try to chew the cart handles safe and germ free. It is washable, easy to carry, easy to install, and inexpensive to own.
2005 De'Andre Holland Grade 8 Akron, OH Pet Palace This dog containment center feeds, waters, and also takes care of the dog's waste. It is used when the dog owner is away from home for extended hours.
2005 Derek Harris Grade 8 Akron, OH Seed Puncher A tool for planting seeds in a bald area, on a slope, or in any hard-to-grow area.
2005 Dylan Barletto Age 11 Paducah, KY Inhaler Regulator (for Scuba Diving) This unique idea combines the inhaler for Asthma attacks with the scuba diving regulator. This will allow people with Asthma to scuba dive with more confidence and not worry about an Asthma attack in deep water.
2005 Jasmine Hopson Grade 8 Akron, OH Elevated Plant Waterer A watering device for plants that are too high to reach without a ladder.
2005 Jordan Hoffman Age 12 Westerville, OH Ident-A-Can This manufactured invention is a small rectangular plastic clip that fits perfectly over any size soda pop can pull top tab. The plastic clip comes in different colors to identify your can. Future ideas include themes, and also textured clips for blind and colorblind people.
2005 Lauren Scafidi Grade 3 Clarkston  MI Qwesty A device to improve communication between active parents and inquisitive children. When a child has a question, he simply places 'Qwesty' on the parent's arm, letting the parent know that their attention is desired. When the parent is ready he'll answer the question and give 'Qwesty' back to the child.
2005 Matt Irons Grade 10 Warminster  PA Shake Zap Charger A power source to power portable devices using Faraday's Principle of Induction. It is a generator that works as the person walks. A magnet passes through a metal coil generating electricity with each step.
2005 Max Wallack Grade 4 Framingham  MA Walk and Wait Cane A cane with a fold out seat, allowing people with limited mobility to sit and rest while they are out on the go.
2005 Melvin Prince, Jr. Grade 8 Akron, OH Key Safe Knob  
2005 Mitchell Rose Age 17 Scarsdale, NY Fil-a-pac This patented invention is two inventions that organize backpacks into filing systems. The first is a removable, flexible insert with dividers to help organize student work, papers, books, etc. The second is a backpack with five separate compartments that are closed with different color zippers. 
2005 Monique Knox Grade 8 Akron, OH Cake Cutter A device to make cutting cake fun and easy, not messy.
2005 Nicolette Marie Mann Age 11 Christiansburg, VA Piano 'Peddles' for Beginners This invention is an attachment for piano pedals which extends and raises the level of reach for young piano students.
2005 Ruthanna Sonntag Grade 8 Akron, OH Paint Roller Spinner "Paint Roller Spinner" to clean a paint roller faster and more efficiently, using centrifugal force to spin and clean the roller.
2005 Shawn Ellison Grade 8 Akron, OH Mass Movement Warning Device An invention to detect and identify mass movements on the surface of the earth, such as landslides.
2005 Tearues Merrit Grade 8 Akron, OH Energy Donut This is a donut-shaped sandbag made of fire-resistant material, weighing about two pounds. The "Energy Pot Donut" fits around the handle of the lid of a pan, which is used on an electric stove. This "Energy Donut" with its added weight (2 lbs.) increases the contact between the pan and the electric coil, which in turn speeds up the boiling rate of the pan by approximately 12%.
2004 Ali Paquette Grade 3 Westerville, OH E-Z Buttonz For very small children and adults with hand disabilities, E-Z Buttons fastens clothing together using magnets.
2004 Bianca Casari Grade 9 Woodland Hills, CA Lingo Tango "Lingo Tango" This word game is based on Latin and Greek roots and prefixes of the English language. This fun game increases one's vocabulary.
2004 Brenton Hicks and R.J. Lopez Grade 8 Merritt Island, FL Moisture Detective Sensors By combining a M sensor that measures moisture in soil and a Time Domain Transmission that uses an electrical pulse, this provides a more accurate measurement of soil moisture content. This will maintain optimum moisture content thereby improving watering efficiency.
2004 Brian Clement Grade 8 Longview, TX Airless Paint Can This novel invention is a plastic, accordion-shaped plastic paint can that can collapse and squeeze out air as paint is used. This prevents paint from "skinning over' or 'blobbing' as the paint gets old.
2004 Clay McMullen Grade 5 Chesterland, OH TEKLOCK "TEKLOCK" An improved, affordable lock for your locker uses a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) with an ID card/tag. It is faster and there is no combination to remember.
2004 David Lopez Grade 6 Columbus, OH C.C. Medi-Cap To avoid prescription medicine mix-ups, color coded labels are placed on prescription bottle caps.
2004 Erika Monnier Grade 2 Versailles, OH Swimming Bumper Pads Cushioned bumper pads are attached to the end of swimming pools to prevent injury. This is especially good for young swimmers in training who often 'crash their heads' and hurt their arms on the ends of the swim lane.
2004 Jun-jeong Park Grade 11 McLean, VA Improved Door Videophone To improve the Door Videophone, Jun-jeong redesigned it to include a movable camera lens that can be mass-produced and also included a message recording system so a visitor can leave a message for the homeowner.
2004 Max Wallack Grade 3 Framingham  MA Pool Plunger To retrieve items dropped in a pool, this long-pole device allows the user to pull the plunger to suck-up keys, coins, toys, etc. without going into the pool.
2004 Sierrah Macocha Grade 4 Oxford, MI E-Z Measure This tool is a plastic squeeze bottle with a tube and a small measuring cup attached to the top. You can squeeze liquids, such a medicine, into the measuring cup. It is a fast, non-spill, no mess way to take liquid medicine.
2004 Van R. Foster II Grade 7 Columbus, OH Coil Reminder Inserts placed in strategically inside a coil of stamps will remind the user how many stamps remain on the roll.
2004 Winnona Maddrey Grade 3 Columbus, OH GoScopes These are high powered microscopes that can be worn on the head for convenience and to save space.
2003 Ari Edelman   Chico, CA Watch with a Recorder The W.w.R. is a wrist watch that has a recorder that you can put in a message and time to remind you to do something. It can load multiple messages for different times. There are attachable earphones so the watch alarm doesn't bother others.
2003 Bryson Fricke   Chico, CA Alarm Pillow A pillow with a built-in alarm vibrates to wake you and does not have a buzzer or bell. This allows the sleeper to awake without disturbing others in the same room.
2003 Henry Hernandez   Chico, CA Super Tape Dispenser This tape dispenser has a built-in retractable tape measurer extending from the bottom in the same direction the tape is released. This conserves tape so there isn't waste.
2003 Jacob Dunnack Grade 4 Willimantic, CT JD Batball A plastic bat with a removable locking cap. The balls are stored inside.
2003 James Fess Age 10 Rochester, NY Clean Cap A plastic cover fits over the top of a soda pop can and this keeps the drinking surface clean and germ free.
2003 Mary Ann Guglietta and Alicia Rumely Grade 5 Bernardsville, NJ Flour Power A plastic rolling pin filled with flour. It has drilled holes to release flour as it rolls over the dough.
2003 Samantha Carle Grade 6 Bernardsville, NJ Sleepover Pillow This is a pillow and carry bag in one so you can pack your overnight things and only need to carry the sleepover pillow and a sleeping bag. There are several pockets that are labeled for storage.
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2001 Annie Front   San Anselmo, CA Blackberry Picker Annie's invention consists of a pair of scissors and a can attached to the end of a long pole. Operated by a string, the Blackberry Picker cuts the blackberries from the branch and they fall into the can for easy retrieval without the operator getting his or her arms all scratched up. Annie is a 4th grader at Wade Thomas Elementary School.
2001 Diamond Suttles   Akron, OH Combustibles Demonstrator Eleven-year-old Diamond, a fourth-grader at Edge Academy in Akron, Ohio, has come up with an idea that might make it easier for other students to understand combustibles when studying science. Frey Elements, a national classroom equipment wholesaler, has purchased Diamond's idea for inclusion in their next catalog. Frey will also pay Diamond royalty money for each kit it sells.
2001 Virginia Sweeney   Chester, CT Enviro Filter Virginia attends 7th grade at John Winthrop Junior High School in Deep River, Connecticut. Virginia's invention, the Enviro Filter, helps prevent water pollution caused by the exhaust of motor boats. The Enviro Filter easily fastens to the exhaust of an outboard motor to catch the oil that is normally ejected into the water. Good job, Virginia!
2000 Ivy Summer Lumpkin Grade 3 Columbus, Ohio Twilight Post Ivy Lumpkin's invention is a lighted address mail post which is visible at night for anyone to see. The device consists of a clear acrylic tube 3' tall and 1' wide. The lighting system is made of two battery-operated fluorescent night lights. Attached to the top of the post is a standard mail box.
2000 James and Jason Kwak   Millbraer, CA Heating Zone Blender, Programmable Fan, and Cold Resistance Tank James and Jason Kwak submitted three ideas, all of which are creative and useful. Their first, the Heating Zone Blender, is an improvement over the typical household food processor in that it contains a heating element in its base that can warm the bowl before, during, and after mixing the ingredients. The Programmable Fan allows the user to program the exact angles at which a pivoting floor fan should blow so as to provide the maximum cooling effect. The Cold Resistance Tank is a large beverage container that keeps cold drinks cold, without changing their taste when the ice melts.
2000 Lisa Marie Wright   Columbus, Ohio Auto-Off Candle Lisa Wright's invention, the "Auto-Off" Candle is a safer candle which, when left unattended, stops burning after a preset amount of time. The candle is presently being manufactured in different "off times" of 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute intervals. Lisa's design has won the local science fair 1st place award, but her greatest reward is to know that her invention may saves lives.